Friday, July 31, 2009

Petbunny Mailing List

Skittles, contender for "cutest bunny EVER!" award wanted to tell the blogging world about the petbunny mailing list. (Any details are a fault of the transcriptor, not his. Bunnies are perfect.)

I asked on PB the other day for pics of bunny butts without saying why. I didn't know if Hans' Momma was on the list (I didn't think so, but better safe than sorry!) so I didn't want to blow any suprise. The PB'ers responded with their usual helpfulness and enthusiasm. Then I explained WHY after the posts went live and PB'ers showed their compassionate sides and huge hearts.

I repost what they said below.. If you're looking for a close bunny family (who, I will admit, occassionally squabble like family) PB is the place to be.

* * *

Darin :

My sincere sympathies and condolences to Hans' mommy. :-( I'll light a candle for his journey to the Rainbow Bridge.

I hope all the furry butts were able to bring a smile to her face. :-)

* * *

Natalie :

The rabbit I had growing up was a large agouti brown rabbit with a big white tail. I had always thought of rabbits as having white tails because of him. Funny enough, my current rabbits don't have tails that are as distinctive because their tails are colored similarly to their body colors. In fact, I have to be extremely careful when I am trimming around that area as it can mat up quickly and sometimes it is hard to tell what is the mat & what is the tail!

* * *

Dottie (Skittles' Momma) :

I also am sorry about little Hans, as I am always sorry about any of our little furry suited ones leaving us. They all leave a big hole in us when they go.

* * *

Laura :

My candle and prayer for little Hans, and calm and comforting vibes to his mama.

* * *

Bunny people are the awesome.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

OMG! Bad Human!

On this Furry Butts fursday, I somehow managed to not post Empress Sheeba's beautiful behind! (Sage says 'How could you miss it? It's the thing taking the wide lens.' BAD SAGE!) My most humble apologies to her royal highness, queen of lopitude, mistress of mushiness, lover of the head pet.

I better send some blueberries to Portland, ASAP!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Furry Butts!

Alas, the world lost a very happy little bun soul when Hans hopped off to the rainbow bridge, leaving a big hole in his Mommy's heart. While there is no way to fill the hole, maybe we can bring a smile to his Mommy's face with .. BUNNY BUTTS!

Meeting Hans at the bridge to show him the bacon tree (not that any other bun would possibly want it!) is Scout and her fuzzy tail!

Representing the Canadian Dutch Mafia is Sage and her fuzzy tail. Here she's running away from the paparazzi and yelling "You'll never get me, copper!"

Judith's Mr B, the beloved (and spoiled) Mr Beezer, the Beezenator demonstrates if a bunny's head can fit, so will his tail.. after the rest of his body.

Sundae's lounging at Judith's and trying to keep Beezer out of trouble - a full time job for a cute little fuzzy tailed bunny. No wonder she's flomped out! Her first Mommy Suzanne is, I'm sure, giving Hans snuggles (or not) as the bunny demands until his Mommy is ready to join him.

Laura's angel bun Ashy, pilot, vampire hunter, and dandelion prescriber, also shows off the power of the small bun and cuteness of tail! The bun with his own herb garden, chorus of birds, and fields of dandelions is guaranteed to be sharing his pixie dust with Hans!

Laura's angel bun Eli also shows off his tail to try and bring a smile to Hans' Mommy's face!

Michelle's beautiful Belle shows off her big and beautiful fuzzy butt while Chomper pretends indifference. He's actually secretly jealous.

Michelle's Angel Hazel, who refuses to admit her butt is anything like Belle's also does her best to welcome Hans and bring smiles to his mommy's face with those fuzzy 'tocks!

Michelle calls her 'Tinker the stinker!' but those of us who like to have a future call her 'Her Royal highness Tinkerbelle'. Here we see that she's lounging in her royal castle while Chomper tries to get forgiveness for breathing the same air as her.

Darin's Vinnie is the star of his very own novella! He's a very famous (in the writer's mind) bunny rabbit who is doing his tribble impression here. Or perhaps it's a Cousin It impression. Either way, he's a talented bun. Meep.

Bunny Humour

Rabbits have senses of humour, do not doubt it for a minute. A fine example is today when I came home from grocery shopping I decided to offer the furry brat a grape to see if she'd like them. I hunted her usual spots and didn't see her. Confused, I decided to go exploring making the 'I have a treat!' noise. She didn't appear.

Now starting to get quite worried I got the flashlight and went searching in all the places a bunny could be where a bunny shouldn't be. Of course she couldn't *possibly* get past all my bunny proofing. (Anyone sense the sarcasm?) So, there I am crouched on the ground in the spare bedroom, looking under the bed for the little stinker. I feel something wet wiggle against the bottom of my foot, scaring the *&#@ outta me, causing me to wack my head on the bed and swearing profusely.

What does the bunny do? The bunny who had apparently been following me around the house as I searched for her? The happy bunny head shake and dance, of course. What a wonderful game I'd invented just for her!

Bloomin' rabbit.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Hot Cross Buns

I still have a shlock of Audrey pics to resize and post - just been sweltering and being unmotivated. I'll be sending her on to Houston on Wednesday.

It was 40C (104F) plus humidity. Needless to say I wasn't the only one flattened, the furry coated heathen was also very cranky today and I can't say I rightly blame her.

Well, okay, maybe I do a LITTLE because she won't do anything sensible like lean up against a cold bottle, or sit in the way of a fan, or drink water with ice cubes in it, or let me mist her ears or any other of the 'cool your bunny down' methods. She just wants to sit in the coolest parts of the house (she moves around as the sun does) and suffer. If I dare approach I get a half-hearted thump in my general direction.

As soon as it cools down to about 30 she dives into her water, snack and pellet bowls like they're long lost friends. I'm still not allowed to even look at her, but her input is good, her output is good, she's just cranky.

Heck, for that matter, so am I!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Day Twelve - Cultus Lake.

We took a it easy for a few days and just hung out around the house and enjoyed the glorious sunny weather. Audrey mentioned she still hasn't actually seen the Lake that gives my little village it's name even tho it's a mere ten minute walk away. We decided we'd have to fix this immediately!

As you come across the mountain pass you're greeted by this happy sign. Cultus Lake is part of a provincial park (It used to be Federal, but they passed the buck.) but unlike most parks, it has properties and all sorts of things inside the boundaries.

This is the sign before the village. Audrey is there, honest!

See! There she is! .. It's a rather big sign.

And here' s the lake! Well, a small portion of it by the cabins, anyway. There's homes that back right up on the lake all along the north edge and up part of the east edge of the lake. As you get to the south end, there's a few private beaches with elite summer homes, but that's a good twenty minute drive around the lake. The COOL people live at the north end. ;)

The sign didn't say 'No bunnies' so Audrey felt it was safe to go out on the dock.

Lots and lots of boats on the lake! There were a few hardy swimmers, but the lake was still pretty chilly since we'd had a late spring. It's glacier fed.. so until the snow on the mountains is completely gone, only the young and/or insane swim in the lake. The rest of us lounge on shore or in boats. :)

Lots of grass for a young bun to hang out on and nom. She was very impressed how well groomed the area was, she felt there must be a fleet of bunnies out there mowing the lawn.

Lots of wild flowers to stop and sniff and nibble! The residents plant little gardens along the walks and take care of them.

And that's the whistle stop tour of Cultus Lake's Lake. :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day Eight, Part Two - Audrey and Fort Langley Fort.

Phew! There were fifty-two pictures from this set for me to resize and upload! The sad thing is, my camera's battery died or there'd have been *more!*

Here Audrey and I stop by the visitor's centre in Fort Langley, BC. after getting off the Albion Ferry. It had been *a lot* of years since I was last in Fort Langley and I knew there was nifty stuff to do.. it was just a matter of finding it!

Here Audrey reviews the map and list of things to do. It was a fairly hot day already (29C / 85F) so we decided to pick and choose rather than go around the whole town. The Fort in Fort Langley looked the most interesting to us. I didn't point out the educational aspect since I figured that'd make Audrey hop off and hide. What young creature wants to know their fun is *teaching* them something??