Friday, July 31, 2009

Petbunny Mailing List

Skittles, contender for "cutest bunny EVER!" award wanted to tell the blogging world about the petbunny mailing list. (Any details are a fault of the transcriptor, not his. Bunnies are perfect.)

I asked on PB the other day for pics of bunny butts without saying why. I didn't know if Hans' Momma was on the list (I didn't think so, but better safe than sorry!) so I didn't want to blow any suprise. The PB'ers responded with their usual helpfulness and enthusiasm. Then I explained WHY after the posts went live and PB'ers showed their compassionate sides and huge hearts.

I repost what they said below.. If you're looking for a close bunny family (who, I will admit, occassionally squabble like family) PB is the place to be.

* * *

Darin :

My sincere sympathies and condolences to Hans' mommy. :-( I'll light a candle for his journey to the Rainbow Bridge.

I hope all the furry butts were able to bring a smile to her face. :-)

* * *

Natalie :

The rabbit I had growing up was a large agouti brown rabbit with a big white tail. I had always thought of rabbits as having white tails because of him. Funny enough, my current rabbits don't have tails that are as distinctive because their tails are colored similarly to their body colors. In fact, I have to be extremely careful when I am trimming around that area as it can mat up quickly and sometimes it is hard to tell what is the mat & what is the tail!

* * *

Dottie (Skittles' Momma) :

I also am sorry about little Hans, as I am always sorry about any of our little furry suited ones leaving us. They all leave a big hole in us when they go.

* * *

Laura :

My candle and prayer for little Hans, and calm and comforting vibes to his mama.

* * *

Bunny people are the awesome.


  1. OH well .. we forgot too, but caught up later. Hans was a good one!!!

  2. I'm not on Pet Bunny, but it sounds like a wonderful place :) Thanks for sharing the PB-er's messages with us. Bunny people are the best!