Friday, July 3, 2009

Bunny Madness.

I often get asked how much work rabbits are as pets. I typically say they're between dogs and cats in care. I'm not sure about cost - you can generally pick up a rabbit from a shelter pretty cheap and your only real scheduled vet expense is the spaying or neutering. (Which, TRUST ME, you will want to do!!) But, emergencies do happen. Bunnies have very delicate digestive systems, they can get an assortment of infections, and basically they're a fragile animal since they're a prey animal. I probably spent about $500 a year on Scout, Sage is generally about $100 a year in vet bills, but she's four years younger than Scout was.

Sage was raised in the cat area at the SPCA.. and she's much more a cat than a rabbit sometimes. Last night in the wee hours I couldn't sleep and she was feeling frisky. I have an old pair of slip on shoes that I wear for gardening and leave out for Sage to throw around. She was bouncing the shoes around the kitchen and then tossed them into the living room to pick them up and toss them back. I'd also given her a couple of paper throwing stars to play with. After about fifteen minutes of this she decided on a new game.

She hopped up onto the end of the couch and I asked her if she wanted pets. She gave me the 'Is that human talking to me again?? Does she never learn?' look. So, I went back to facebooking and making fun of my darling little furry angel via text. It was about then she decided she wanted to hop up onto the back of the couch. The top of the back is probably about two and a half inches wide which was fine for Scout, not so much for the turb of lard .. er, I mean, sweet little Dutch bunny. She hopped up, she managed to turn so she had more foot/butt room, and then she overbalanced and with a scramble, off the back she went. I looked down the back to find her but she'd already hopped out and was sitting by the rabbit proofing to be let out. I let her out and she spent the next fifteen minutes grooming herself in the very feline 'I meant to do that!' manner.

I just had visions of Sage going *back* to the vet to get yet another wrap on her hind paw due to injury.

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