Monday, July 20, 2009

My Goofball Bunny.

Sage is not quite so attached to being in the same room as me as she was post Scout's passing. Nap time she'll go sleep under the bed, but the rest of the time she follows me around. I attempted to pet her nose yesterday since she was sitting right beside the bed when I woke up but she tossed her head "Eeek, human germs!" so I restrained myself.

The latest thing in the 'my bunny is weird' saga is that she now will only eat while I'm eating. While Scout was around she'd eat with Scout and also on her own, which is how she got so, uh, fluffy. These days there always seems to be some nibbles in the treat/salad bowl and the hay isn't getting hoovered.

Fortunately for both our guts she thinks my drinking ice tea is also eating and if i just look like I'm chewing something, she'll nibble on some hay. So now I spend half my time working at the computer faking eating.

Maybe I should just buy some chewing gum.

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