Tuesday, December 22, 2015

[Fur Fiction] ♫ Santa Bunny, hurry up with your deliveries tonight! ♫

Miss Lola was stretched out across the floor enjoying a well earned nap. She could feel her humom staring at her. She finally opened one eye to look up at the human. "What?"

"I need you to deliver a package to your furry godmum." She was informed.

Miss Lola huffed. "I was just there! Why can't you two feet ever coordinate?"

"I'm sure she has some blueberries for you.." was the attempted bribe.

Lola considered the matter for a couple of heartbeats. "I'd rather sleep now and hit Dad up for bananas later." She closed her eye to go back to sleep.

"It's not MY fault you were out all night with Imogen, Speedy, Buttercup and Jensen!" Her humom told her. "Just one little package. It'd make your furry Godmum happy .. and Santa Viking happy.."

The white rabbit sighed and rolled to her feet. "You're not going to leave me alone until I do, are you?" There was much grumbling and huffing as she hopped over to her humom. She looked at the package and then up at her humom. "This is NOT little! This is two thirds the size of me!"

"Who's a good girl?" Her humom asked as she stroked Lola's nose.

"I swear, it's like you don't even listen to me." Lola grumbled, grabbing the edge of the package and dragging it behind her as she hopped to the closet. She looked back, "I'm taking a nap at Auntie Lorna's! SHE knows better that to bug bunnies when they're sleeping! And I want banana when I get back!" She hopped forward a few more steps. "Santa Viking. Ho ho humbug."

[Fur Fiction] Puppy Kisses and Package Delivery.

"Imogen!" Silver called, trying not to sound like she was luring her puppy into a favour.
The Aussie cross bounced in, tail high and wagging. She bounded over to put her front paws on the arm of her humom's computer chair.
Silver held up a thick envelope. "Can you take this to your Auntie Lorna?"
The wagging tail flagged and Immi let out a short whine.
"Have you seen the price of shipping to Canada? Surely if rabbits can use closets to travel a smart doggie like you can!" Silver gave her best encouraging voice and look.
Imogen gave her best 'Wah!' look before gently taking the package in her mouth and dropping off the arm of the chair. She walked slowly to the closet, giving her humom lots and lots and lots of time to change her mind. She gave a last sad look over her shoulder before entering the closet with a sigh.
* * *
Lorna was startled from her ebook by a large thump and clatter from the closet. Wondering if one of the bunnies had been drinking and closeting, she went over and opened the foor to find Imogen tail up, shoulders down, wedged against the shelves and looking miserable. "Immi!" She helped the australian shepherd to her paws and took the package from the dog's mouth. "Did you travel by yourself?"
Imogen whined and looked pathetic.
"Let's put out a bowl of blueberries to lure in a rabbit for your ride home." Lorna told her, giving the dog a scritch behind the ears. Immi's tail wagged a few times, indicating a better mood already. "You're a very good herder and tugger, but navigating tunnels is not in your job description." They walked into the kitchen, Imogen looking hopeful. "Is this from your Mom?" Lorna asked, waving the envelope. Imogen managed not to give a 'well, duh' look.
Lorna opened the freezer for the blueberries, pouring a handful into a bowl. She then opened the fridge to reveal a Tupperware container with chicken in it. "We won't tell your mom, right?"
Imogen immediately sat and held up a front paw. Nope, she wasn't gonna tell about chicken, at all.
The Canadian appreciated Immi's manners and delicate way as she handed the chicken over, getting a lick on her hand in thanks.
"C'mon, let's go play tug until a rabbit shows up."
Imogen bounced up and ran in a couple of circles. Tug was her favourist!
Lorna didn't have a rope, so three braided cat-5 cables just had to make do. Four paws offered better traction on carpet than two so Lorna cheated and sat on the couch to brace herself. That was her excuse and she was sticking to it.
The Silver Letomi CD was half-over and Lorna's arms were starting to get tired when a white bunny nose poked out of the closet and stole a blueberry. "You have a dog in your living room." Miss Lola said, rather grumpily.
"Immi needs a ride home." Lorna told the rabbit.
Imogen gave Lorna an accusatory look.
"Well, you do!" Lorna told the dog. What was she supposed to say?
The noise out of Imogen sounded suspciously like a 'humph!'
"Well, of course she does." Miss Lola said, continuing to work her way through the small pile of blueberries. "She's a dog. You call a dog when you want things organized, fetched, cuddled or licked. When you want to travel quickly and accurately, you call a rabbit." She licked the juice out of the bottom of the bowl, the berried having disappeared at a magical rate. "C'mon Immi, I have a nap to take and a hockey game to watch."
Immi gave Lorna a few good-bye kisses and accepted a fur ruffle and hug before trotting over to Miss Lola. She gently touched her nose to Lola's in greeting. The white rabbit stood on her back paws to give Immi's nose a quick groom. "C'mon then. Maybe we can swing by Disneyworld while we're in Orlando? Have you been yet?"
Lorna missed the answer as the two disappeared into the closet. She wondered if she should txt Silver to say Imogen would be home .. eventually.