Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sage's Friends.

Sage is still staring at that bit of her cage. I still have no idea why. I moved it, I looked around, I checked under the cage. I moved some of the stuff behind her. Nope, it's officially her new favourite spot. I guess even bunnies need a change of scenery once in a while. She still hops in at night to guard my dreams, so all is good. :)

My bunny thought I should introduce some of her friends on the web. OBVIOUSLY the bunny list is going to be the biggest list, so I thought I'd start with the "not bunny" list. ;)  (I'm only including those who have updated in the last six months or this list would be a mile long!)

Mr Flapper Duck - Mr Flapper lives with his feathered family down in the Seattle area. He has three duckie friends, three chicken friends, a very handsome pet cat and a humom who is a darn good egg. He's a very handsome duck who has participated in protests, has tried the working with his humom thing. (He decided it was overrated and left her to work while he napped) and has his very own french fry tree.

Stinkin' Thinkin' - These have GOT to be the cutest sheepies on the face of the planet. I ALWAYS smile after seeing a picture of one of his sheepies or seeing one the videos. The flock is in Wales (way over in Great Britain!) and are spoilt rotten regularly by their humans.

The Daily Coyote - Charlie is a coyote that got rescued by a human. He lives in Wyoming with Eli the cat (Who is boss), Chloe the dog, and some cattle. Oh, the human's in there too somewhere.

Dobby's Day - Dobby is a capybara who lives in the Seattle area. (You'll notice I seem to know lots of people in the Pacific North-wet.) He lives in a zoo that, of course, has bunnies.

And now in alphabetical order.. (Since I couldn't think of a fairer way to list!) THE BUNNIES!

A House Full of Rabbits - Nine bunnies! Home of the very handsome Chico, who Sage kissed via my monitor. Then there's Princess, and .. well, you'll just have to go look yourself. These buns have the ultimate set-up.. even if there's a cat in it.

A Penny For your Flops - Always lots of cute bunny pictures! There's Mochi and JD and Ickus and Kiwi and.. Oh, heck, there's twelve rabbits in the house being treated like royalty. Its probably easier for you to click through and meet them yourself. :)

Adventures of Freckles and Deb - Freckles is a very handsome English Snot looking bunny. Deb is a very nice human. SPOT! I meant SPOT.. Oh crap, there go my shoes..

Big Ears, Tiny Tales - This is a new addition to Sage's friend list. It's the posts from the Rabbit Residence Rescue. Lots of bunny pictures.. baby bunnies, adult bunnies, playing bunnies. It's Bunny Utopia!

Buns-of-Silver - The world from the view of Silver Bunny. This is a very unique and very cute blog!  Silver is also a very, very talented bunny who can grow hearts in her fur!

Daily Bunny - Of COURSE we in Sage's warren (okay, Sage and I) read the daily bunny! Always a bunny story every day, and best of course, is it highlights many wonderful shelter bunnies who need a loving home. (And Sage says "NO!" every day. It's kinda 'House of Frightenstein'..)

Diaries of a (Slow) Triathelete - I'm pretty sure that the bunny is the slow one, because Cadbury's Mommy sounds pretty darn switfy to me. I originally came across the blog via my brother the Marathon Maniac, but stayed for the bunny. (Okay, I enjoy the adventure marathon stories too, but like my brother's they make me tired listening to them! :D )

Disapproving Rabbits - Sage has appeared on this site, so OBVIOUSLY she's a DR fan. ;) She thinks poor Cinnamon has her paws full trying to keep two humans in line. They *obviously* don't appreciate her gloriness the way they should! (Where's her purple pillow for when she's brought too bookstores, just for starters!)

Diva Kitty & The Fluffies - Sage isn't sure how the C-A-T got top billing, but there's enough stories about Orlando and Fiona that she's not gonna stage a picket. Well, not just yet.. she reserves the right to change her mind.

Eye of the Needle - Please don't tell the Humom, but I'm here for the bunnies. I don't really understand cross stitching (that's what it is, right??) but I did do tapestries and knitting as a kid.. *Cough* It's a good thing Pink, Peaches, and Elvis snuck me in the backdoor..

Furrybutts - You have to a bit careful here, 'cause D-O-G pics sometimes sneak in with the very important Bunny pictures. Home to Buttons, Yohji, Bailey and Sherry D-O-G, we know who really runs the warren, right??

Gräs Mellan Tårna - This is the Swedish blog of a very lovely lady. I *think* the name translates to "Grass Between your Toes" Now, I don't read Swedish, I barely read German and French, so most of the text is lost on me - but I do love the pictures!

It's Safer than Spying - The home on the web of a Canadian Magician (I FINK he's in Calgary) and his two furry masters; Snowdon and Augustus. I <3 Lionheads. Thanks to Scout Bunny, I will always have an extra large softspot for them. So he can never post enough pictures for me. :)

Life at the Zoo - Sage sends strong disapproval because the buns don't get top listing, but she supposes *some* of the C-A-T videos and pictures are cute. But she's still pulling for Patch and Pumpkin to get the positioning on the title page that they deserve!

Life with Reno Rabbits - I'm pretty sure the "Reno" stands for "Renovating" not for the city of Reno. Sage thinks that's rediculous, everyone knows bunnies are just fixing what the humans don't get right. I tried to say that's what renovation IS, but she hind-foot-flicked me. Ahem. Cute bunnies within!

Little Bun in the Big City - Biff and Sogna struggle with trying to train two humans and figure out what all the two foot problems are. Don't appreciate bunny art, don't feed treats 24-7. It's a very tough bunny life in the Big City!

My House Rabbit - This is a site dedicated to all things bunny. Their care, their health, their toys, their happiness, their everything. Of course, anything that's dedicated to bunny has to have lots of cute pictures right?? (Unless the author's camera implodes.. *cough*)

Potentially Nervous - I think the subtitle of the world's gone to hell, have some pictures of bunnies pretty much sums it up. D. is an incredible photographer with incredible bun(s).

Some Bunny - Every bunny needs some bunny to love! Fez, Jack, Abbey and Norbert rule the warren with iron paws!

The Raspberry Rabbits - Sugie and Harrinton live in Bunningham palace! Their humom shares her heart and home with us, and of course, that heart includes two of the cutest bunnies on the planet. I sometimes wish my house could love as beautiful as their mom's.. but I'm far too lazy to put all the work into it. :D

The Bunny Boys - Buttons is over in Essex. That sounds suspiciously ENGLISH, doesn't it? Home to Buttons and Angel Bunny Skittles, lots of mischief, mayhem, cute pictures and cuter videos. I think Buttons is still trying to train his humans into proper behaviour, but he's a little bun he can only do so much at a go!

The Bunny Lounge - Sage has a huuuge crush on Hef. ("Mooooooooom!") Not only does he live in paradise, but his Mom is an awesome cook too. He *does* have to live with Shadow D-O-G, but as D-O-Gs go, Shadow doesn't seem so bad..

The Life and Times of Bunnies - Sage wishes she could be as good a blogger as Gus and Betsy. She even asked if she could have her very own rabbit cam like they do, but I said no. I'm a big mean human, you know. She also thinks Gus doesn't groom Betsy nearly enough. Bad Husban, no carrotcake.

The Qi Papers - Lots of bunnies! Okay, there's Harriet, and Amelia, and Tyler and Sydney. There's a human who keeps reorganizing the warren, changing the walls and making it difficult for everyone to get outside and beat each other up. (The humans are always so unreasonable.) I am so glad I'm not trying to bond four rabbits, and instead just get to read about it.. :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What are you looking at??

Every time I've walked past the ex-computer room, Sage has been staring at her cage. Typically she only goes in and out of this room to eat, drink and litterbox. The hay is down at that end, so I thought maybe she wanted more. Nope. I then tried changing it out. Nope, next walk by she was still staring at the cage. I replaced the water and her pellets. Nada.

I then got insanely enthusiastic and swept out the room of stray fur. (Somebun maybe shedding AGAIN..) I decided that didn't irritate her enough, so I picked her up and carried her outside and plucked a bunny from her fur. I put her down in the hallway and she immediately hopped back to the ex-computer room. (I should really come up with a better name.) She once again stared at the cage.

I KNOW she's trying to tell me something, but I have no freaking idea what it is. Anyone have any brilliant ideas?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sage's Say

Hi Betsy'n'Gus'n'Fur Fwiends out dere.

Let me say dat my humum has been harder to train dan normal. The room service has been stinkin'. I'm about ready to pitch a full out mutiny.

But, she IS twyin' to rally support for my Victoria cousins. Did y'all hear (I'm practicin' my Texan!) dat dey are all up and movin' to Texas?? It's twoo!! Dey have had V-E-Ts hewp wif da "fixing" (Wike dey were broken?? I don't fink so. Dumb hoomans.) BUT dey need STUFF to keep goin' on dere twip.

Dey need dwibers .. not alls da way to Texas!! Just for hops of da journey. Dey need foods, and crocks, and well, bunny STUFF. Dey also weally need monies for all that STUFF and to hewp da volunteers with gas and dere own food and STUFF.

We all knows dat bunny people are soft in da head. (The Humom says "They are nicest of nice people.") BUT dey could use some help helping HUNDREDS upon HUNDREDS of bunnies. Stoopid hoomans dumped dem and bunny hoomans are not clearin' up the stupid hoomans' mess. If you can hewp, in *ANY* way, pwease, pwease, pwease, visit

Do it for da bunnies!

Fank yew.

(Hay Betsy - how was dat? You make dis blog thing wook easy!)

Monday, September 13, 2010

In Dutch.

(I seriously wish Blogger would come up with a better editor.)

I knew I was forgiven for abandoning her at my brother's when she started guarding my dreams again. (When I sleep she sits on guard in the doorway.) Papaya and a sour cream and onion potato chip works well for bunny bribes. (*Cough* Not that I'd ever let my rabbit have the very rare, very bad for her, treat..)

Two days in a row I've been down at the hospital getting shot with drugs due to pain. The short form is I'm an idiot who re-caught a 30kg bag of feed after it half-slipped out of my hands and wrenched my already gimpy back. Yesterday I was in and out of the hospital in fifteen minutes, tonight it was about an hour and a half. Either way, not exactly a long time.

I came in the door after getting my prescription filled to find a certain rabbit sitting on the mat looking up at me with flat ears. "What?" I say. I expected her to grunt and head into her cage/food/water room and demand something be updated. She sat on her hind legs and thumped her forefeet on the ground a couple of times. This took me a rather long time to figure out. (Humans are stupid, dontcha know!)

When Sage is out on her leash, sitting on her back paws and wiggling her front paws up and down means "Pick me up!" It took me a while to figure "You get down here!" So I sat on the ground, wondering if I could get back up again and had a bunny hop onto my lap and grab my shirt with her teeth, pulling down. I put my face near her face and she intently started sniffing away. She grunted, chirped what I'd have called Scout's "query chirp" and hopped out of my lap to sit meatloafed beside my leg.

Scout was a chatty bunny. She had a huge vocabulary of chirps, cheeps, grunts, and even a noise that sounded suspiciously like a giggle when she was truly happy/amused. Sage has never vocalized beyond a grunt or the very rare tooth purr. So a chirp, one she hasn't heard in probably 18 months, was pretty darn impressive. I wasn't sure if she would let me pet her or not, but took the chance and stroked her nose. She put up with it for a surprising five minutes before getting up, shaking out her fur, and hopping off to her third favourite napping spot; under the rocking chair in the master bedroom.

Think if my back is still screwy tomorrow, I'll just skip the hospital and snuggle a bunny. It's better, and cheaper (no cab fare!), therapy.

Goodbye Furfriend.

Angels can never stay as long in our lives as we'd like them to, but we learn our lessons from them and grow. Goodbye Baxter, you will be missed.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Demanding Divas.

My friend Tracie is getting married. You might wonder what exactly this has to do with the beautiful bunny above, but it IS relevant, I promise you!

I am a very casual dresser. I'd wear clamdiggers / flood pants all year round if I could. I like t-shirts and tank tops. I typically don't wear much more. I gave away all my fancy clothes several years ago when it became clear I wouldn't work again and then I decided I'd never fit in them. So, this required shopping!

The original plan was for me to go over to the Island with my Dad and back with him again on his first day back at work. I would get to go shopping with Mummy. (I trust her a lot more than I trust sales people!) Unfortunately, I got violantly ill and my Dad went off without me. So, plan B was I go over THIS weekend. However, with Dad going for surgery, he was taking a month of work, so I'd have to get my own butt back to the mainland. My choices were take my car and spend 10x as much, or go over with him and walk on passenger back. For obvious reasons I decided on the latter!

I figured Sage would be okay for a couple days and I was gonna leave her on her own, but it was so hot on Friday I didn't want to abandon her in the closed up house, so off she went with me. The dilemna would be what to do with her on the ferry back. Stay on the car deck by myself for 2.25 hours? No bathroom breaks? Dogs around? Was not happy with this plan. So I asked my brother if my little angel could stay with him. He said he guessed. (Awww.. what a nice guy. Gives me a place to park my car, agrees to meet me at the ferry AND bunny sits!)

So Sage didn't have to ride on a ferry, I didn't have to carry a bunny who hops in her carrier to unbalance it while it's being carried, and no dogs sniffed at her. Bonus all around. When I got BACK to my brother's place, I said "Hi baby!" as I got to the top of the stairs. She perked right up and half periscoped, ears at the happy. Then she grunted, dropped to all fours and presented me with royal bunny butt.

I translated this to mean "MOMMY! You're BACK! .. Oh, wait, I'm mad at you! You're in big trouble!"

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Good Vibrations.

Disclaimer : I wrote this while sitting in the hospital today. I was a little loopy on painkillers and lack of sleep.  Thank you for the well-wishes to my last post. You're very right - Bunny love cures a lot of ills! My Doc is pretty sure my latest round of issues are my lung airways closing up / shrinking, rather than heart related (and treatable with an inhaller/puffer) but I still got to get lots of blood vampired and an ECG.

* * *

At the beginning of the summer I joined a walking club that was eight weeks of hiking around the Chilliwack area. I've lived out here for six years now, and I still don't know the place very well and only have a splattering of friends. I decided to get off my ass and start meeting people.

On of the hikes was at the Blue Heron Reserve. (Some may remember I took Sage there a few times and when Audrey was visiting she got to look around too.) One of the trails they ziptie debris found on the trails to the bushes and make it a game of "How many items can YOU find?" and then a list at the end. A bit of an ecological lesson too on the weird stuff that shows up even in a wilderness park.  What was the only item I found before anyone else? A bunny eraser. (As in, something that erases pencils, not something that erases bunnies.) I also pointed out a bunch of the cottontails hopping through the area and spotted them before anyone else. For some reason I got this reputation as bunny obsessed.. *cough*

The last hike of the year was out at the Cheam wetlands. I'd never even HEARD of it before. It was about twenty minutes up the highway and if it wasn't wilderness, it was certainly obscure farmland. I had fallen in with a couple of ladies, one age of 70 who liked to walk a little faster than me, and another of aged 55 who liked to go a little slower. We went between the seniors (never doubt the speed of a mall walker!) and the Moms with strollers. (They're typically my speed if left to my own devices.) When we got back to the parking lot, I was dribbling blood from losing battles with the blackberry bushes (I don't have a lot of feeling in my left leg - so I didn't even notice until later.) and the younger lady said she has a present for me. I am rather confused because while I had done the Blue Heron hike with her and chatted with her, I didn't think she'd remembered me on the hikes inbetween.

She opened up her car and pulled out some wheatgrass. She said "I was getting some for my cat, and I realized I'd be seeing you tonight and thought 'Wouldn't her bunny LOVE this??' So I couldn't resist." 
Sage, yet again, has people who don't even know her buying her treats. I'm starting to think Quantum String Theory is bunnies pulling the universe's marionette strings to get more stuff.