Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What are you looking at??

Every time I've walked past the ex-computer room, Sage has been staring at her cage. Typically she only goes in and out of this room to eat, drink and litterbox. The hay is down at that end, so I thought maybe she wanted more. Nope. I then tried changing it out. Nope, next walk by she was still staring at the cage. I replaced the water and her pellets. Nada.

I then got insanely enthusiastic and swept out the room of stray fur. (Somebun maybe shedding AGAIN..) I decided that didn't irritate her enough, so I picked her up and carried her outside and plucked a bunny from her fur. I put her down in the hallway and she immediately hopped back to the ex-computer room. (I should really come up with a better name.) She once again stared at the cage.

I KNOW she's trying to tell me something, but I have no freaking idea what it is. Anyone have any brilliant ideas?


  1. No idea. Maybe she can't find a way in? Maybe there was a bug in there, and now she's kind of scared and spellbound? Biff gets like that sometimes if something trips him out.

  2. Buttons spends hours some days sitting behind the sofa just staring at the wall... Looks totally wierd but I think he's just snoozing and likes that spot. Could sage be sleeping? What time /times does she stare at the cage? Not all rabbits close their eyes every time they sleep: I can only tell if buttons is asleep coz his nose stops twitching!

  3. Maybe it isn't what she's looking at, but what she's *not* looking at. Is there something behind her that she may be trying to insult or purposefully ignore?

    Or maybe it's the position itself (I mean, I also wonder if she was napping - could there be a pleasant breeze there, or something else comfortable and conducive to a nice meditation?).

    Or could it be something behind the cage? Something of interest in the wall? (More of a reason for cat behaviour than rabbit, but maybe?)

    Ahh buns, they are confusing little creatures...