Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Good Vibrations.

Disclaimer : I wrote this while sitting in the hospital today. I was a little loopy on painkillers and lack of sleep.  Thank you for the well-wishes to my last post. You're very right - Bunny love cures a lot of ills! My Doc is pretty sure my latest round of issues are my lung airways closing up / shrinking, rather than heart related (and treatable with an inhaller/puffer) but I still got to get lots of blood vampired and an ECG.

* * *

At the beginning of the summer I joined a walking club that was eight weeks of hiking around the Chilliwack area. I've lived out here for six years now, and I still don't know the place very well and only have a splattering of friends. I decided to get off my ass and start meeting people.

On of the hikes was at the Blue Heron Reserve. (Some may remember I took Sage there a few times and when Audrey was visiting she got to look around too.) One of the trails they ziptie debris found on the trails to the bushes and make it a game of "How many items can YOU find?" and then a list at the end. A bit of an ecological lesson too on the weird stuff that shows up even in a wilderness park.  What was the only item I found before anyone else? A bunny eraser. (As in, something that erases pencils, not something that erases bunnies.) I also pointed out a bunch of the cottontails hopping through the area and spotted them before anyone else. For some reason I got this reputation as bunny obsessed.. *cough*

The last hike of the year was out at the Cheam wetlands. I'd never even HEARD of it before. It was about twenty minutes up the highway and if it wasn't wilderness, it was certainly obscure farmland. I had fallen in with a couple of ladies, one age of 70 who liked to walk a little faster than me, and another of aged 55 who liked to go a little slower. We went between the seniors (never doubt the speed of a mall walker!) and the Moms with strollers. (They're typically my speed if left to my own devices.) When we got back to the parking lot, I was dribbling blood from losing battles with the blackberry bushes (I don't have a lot of feeling in my left leg - so I didn't even notice until later.) and the younger lady said she has a present for me. I am rather confused because while I had done the Blue Heron hike with her and chatted with her, I didn't think she'd remembered me on the hikes inbetween.

She opened up her car and pulled out some wheatgrass. She said "I was getting some for my cat, and I realized I'd be seeing you tonight and thought 'Wouldn't her bunny LOVE this??' So I couldn't resist." 
Sage, yet again, has people who don't even know her buying her treats. I'm starting to think Quantum String Theory is bunnies pulling the universe's marionette strings to get more stuff.


  1. The walking club sounds like fun. Your take on string theory is more comprehensible than most.

  2. Sounds like you're feeling better. Who cares if you're a little loopy?? Not hurting is better than being completely lucid. Lucidity is overrated. So sweet of your friend to think of Sage.

    I'm with TFF. Your theory gains a lot of points with me because I understand exactly what you said.

  3. By golly, we do the string pulling here!!!

    Gotta tell RG about the tie-tie of trash - he'll love it. Hopefully he won't just tie-tie the wisps of hay we leave everywhere!

  4. I thought of you Bunns today when I mixed the three types of hay Sage is currently working through and put it out for her. She hopped in, ate one strand and then promptly started pushing it all out of her cage before hopping out to lie on it.