Friday, August 27, 2010

Pain Poem.

I have some posts on my PDA to transfer and post, but it's been a rough couple of weeks. Have some bad poetry instead.

* * *

The cloak of pain settles around my shoulders
Weighing me down, tightening my muscles
Fogging my thoughts and distracting my movements.

Another night of trying to find the comfortable spot
The place of least affliction
Toss to one side and squirm
Turn to the other side and sigh
Soft is the pillow and matress
Hard is the suffering of an achey and tired body.

Morning dawns, the pain is still there
It is joined with exhaustion that twirls
Amongst the list of things to do,
The things to finish
The promises owed
The work due
The friends waiting
The bunny wanting food.

The bunny is the easiest to please,
Talk to her, pet her, tell her she's pretty.
Change her little, give her hay and pellets
And perhaps a treat to tide her by.
Watch her nibble in a happy world of yum,
Soothes some pain away.

Stand, stretch, collect the rattle and din of bones
And get on with the day much like the last
A pained shroud, but a smile on face anyway.


  1. Better a live-in bunny friend than a Facebook friend.

  2. Ouch - can't relate, but I have known others with that symptom. I have read a big book - Full Catastrophe Living by Jon Kabat-Zinn - that is based on his work with people who have pretty much exhausted their responsible options for pain management. Maybe something in there. He never mentioned a bunny though! :<) Yay Sage.