Wednesday, August 4, 2010

How does she do it?

On the left we have the hallway at the beginning of the day. On the right we have the hallway at the end of the day.

What you may not be able to see on picture #2 is the stray pooties, clouds of fur and various other debris that she skatters. How a not-even-five-pound bunny can move the mats so drastically and consistantly day in day out is a mystery. How she can lose so much fur all over the house and always have plenty more? Even a bigger mystery.

My bunny truly is a magical creature.

..the little snot..


  1. They're not the tidiest of creatures, that's for sure. I'm also mystified by the amount of fur my rabbit can lose, with so much left over!

  2. It is not for you to know these things AND it is not too good to talk about a rabbit that way. Especially Sage.

  3. I have 6 rabbits. Sometimes the shedding is a bit too much to take. I am always cleaning.

    Oh, and it's easy to move mats when you have great speed!

  4. Put front paws off mat keep back paws on mat and KICK!