Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Bunny Mind.

Every time I think I've started to understand the bunny mind, she has to go change the rules. I'm starting to have sympathy for every bitch and moan session men have about women.

Yesterday, I went into her lounging room and she presented to be pet. I can't recall her having done that before. (I'm not saying she hasn't, just my memory is swiss cheese.) So I sat and petted her and she tooth purred and I was very happy. Then when I went to bed she hopped down the vinyl to my room and kept me company all night. She hasn't hopped on the vinyl for *months*. This morning, she kept looking down the hall, then at me, down the hall, rinse repeat. The human is slow, it took me a few to realize she didn't want to hop on the vinyl again. So what do I do? I go to Wal-mart and buy some cheap mats for the hallway and place them between her rooms and mine.

Her first use for the mats? Take a nap on the first one. I make an effort of showing her their intended purpose every time I walk between bathroom and kitchen. She mostly ignores me.

Then, this evening, she hops into the kitchen, around the living room, farts, and goes back to her room. "If you're willing to hop on vinyl again, why did I buy all those mats??" Her answer was to present her tail to me and start grooming.

A fart in my general direction from the Dutch diva. I should be happy with that, right?

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Friday evening my Dad picked Sage and I up for a four day vacation at their lovely home on Vancouver Island. They have a sea view on three sides. They watch cruise ships, eagles, deer, and are twenty minutes from a huge shopping centre. It's a beautiful house in a beautiful place. Mum, while appreciative of my beloved bunny, refuses to let Sage run free. I don't quite blame her; the house is VERY bunny unfriendly. (Or a bunny snack in glory, depending on your point of view. :)

So, we go outside for a romp around the yard, nibble of the scenery and Sage's favourite game of 'Where can I go that the human can't follow?' Which, here, is up steep slopes. Of course, when the human on the end of the leash refuses to go up the steep slope (which I probably couldn't have managed when both legs still worked properly!) she is forced to come to a stop. She's on a fairly long retractable leash, but still, she's on a leash. :)

My little bratty bunny has been eating and drinking fine. Miss Plushie Bunny has even done a nose dive into the water bowl to get her share. But Sage's output has been quite low and after a couple of days I was starting to get concerned. Baby carrot disappeared like magic, grass in seed, too. When I was cleaning her cage this morning, I found she'd been burying her pooties under her hay. She had quite the output, she'd just been having fun making her human worry.

Now, the reality is probably hay is more comfy to lie on when there's not lumpy pooties on top, but I like the conniving, cunning bunny theory better.

This afternoon I'm off to visit my fellow petbunny slaves Lynn, Darin and their kit Caitlyn. Pictures will follow, I'm sure. :)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

No matter how bad the mood..

So, the main shutoff tap for my water is leaking. This tap is located right beside the hot water tank which is in the wall between the bathroom and the master bedroom. In short, my master bedroom is being turned into a swamp. I can't afford groceries this month - I'm not sure how I'm supposed to cover plumbing emergency. (Okay, I do know how, I add it to my growing list of things I'm paying for by the month.)

Mr. Rooter wanted a $100 travel fee just to come to my house. This was on top of the service call fee and everything else. They were somewhat surprised when I said "No." Their office is 20 minutes from me. Why the hell would I pay them $100 to travel that far to charge me $80+ an hour in work, minimum of an hour billed? I decided to start calling local plumbers instead. I'm waiting for them to call me back.

Needless to say, I wasn't in an a very happy place while waiting for said phone calls. I went into Sage's room to bug her. I figure misery shared is misery halfed. She let me sit there and talk to her while stroking her nose. I started to feel better; less stressed and more cheerful. She then even tooth purred for me before she seemed to realize she was being affectionate and social. Once she realized that she tossed her head and disappeared under the table.

But still, I feel better. Even if I'm still waiting on plumbers to call.

Monday, May 3, 2010

We has a deal.

Sage and I have a deal; it works very well for us and it's quite simple.

She looks cute and I feed her, house her and clean up after her.

It may seem a bit one-sided to some two foots.. but she's damn cute.