Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Bunny Mind.

Every time I think I've started to understand the bunny mind, she has to go change the rules. I'm starting to have sympathy for every bitch and moan session men have about women.

Yesterday, I went into her lounging room and she presented to be pet. I can't recall her having done that before. (I'm not saying she hasn't, just my memory is swiss cheese.) So I sat and petted her and she tooth purred and I was very happy. Then when I went to bed she hopped down the vinyl to my room and kept me company all night. She hasn't hopped on the vinyl for *months*. This morning, she kept looking down the hall, then at me, down the hall, rinse repeat. The human is slow, it took me a few to realize she didn't want to hop on the vinyl again. So what do I do? I go to Wal-mart and buy some cheap mats for the hallway and place them between her rooms and mine.

Her first use for the mats? Take a nap on the first one. I make an effort of showing her their intended purpose every time I walk between bathroom and kitchen. She mostly ignores me.

Then, this evening, she hops into the kitchen, around the living room, farts, and goes back to her room. "If you're willing to hop on vinyl again, why did I buy all those mats??" Her answer was to present her tail to me and start grooming.

A fart in my general direction from the Dutch diva. I should be happy with that, right?


  1. That would be the ROYAL Dutch Diva ....

  2. Whoops.. My apologies to Sage's lagomorphic cousins to the south. I should never forget she's PRINCESS goofy-fluffy-butt!

  3. I have a spoiled rotten bun. :)

  4. Bunnies can be so unpredictable and silly (dippit we say in Scots) and that's part of why we love them so much

  5. This Scot has been washed out by living in the colonies too long ;)

    And yes.. It's the fact she can stroll into a room, look about, and either sigh and flomp in the middle of the room ala teenager OR do a happy bunny binky and I never know what I'm gonna get that endears me so.

    That and she tells me I have to love her or I won't get to continue living in her house.

  6. Sage may be finicky but she's so darn pretty that you can't help but serve her! I'm glad she's finally started letting you pet her.