Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Take a Chance on me..!

That's Chance. She's one of the many Flemish bunnies that Sas rescued. She's a midget Flemish who was failing to flourish in with her family. I hand fed her the couple times I was over there. She's just entirely too polite for her own good. If a bunny snatches food out of her mouth, she'll let them. She'll share what she has, even if it means she gets none. When in a family of ten.. that doesn't work so well.

So, she had very brittle fur and ears, she hadn't outgrown her baby white spot on her forehead, she could barely hop. Sas is the bunny whisperer. She doesn't like separating buns from their families because they keep improving their immune systems the longer they're around their siblings and/or parent. So Chance and two of her splay legged siblings (Who I've been calling 'Snowy' and 'Whitey') and gave her extra TLC. What you see now is a very health looking Flemish Midget. (She's still very small for a Flemmy.)

I plan on kidnapping her as soon as I have my own place. Sas warned she's a walking vet bill.. but so was Scout and she was my little heart bunny. Apparently, I'm just a sucker for the waifs and wobbles of the bunny world.  Now.. if I can get through the adoption process. (I don't think Sas approves of my "Wait till she's looking the other way and snag the bunny!" idea.. ;)