Monday, September 13, 2010

In Dutch.

(I seriously wish Blogger would come up with a better editor.)

I knew I was forgiven for abandoning her at my brother's when she started guarding my dreams again. (When I sleep she sits on guard in the doorway.) Papaya and a sour cream and onion potato chip works well for bunny bribes. (*Cough* Not that I'd ever let my rabbit have the very rare, very bad for her, treat..)

Two days in a row I've been down at the hospital getting shot with drugs due to pain. The short form is I'm an idiot who re-caught a 30kg bag of feed after it half-slipped out of my hands and wrenched my already gimpy back. Yesterday I was in and out of the hospital in fifteen minutes, tonight it was about an hour and a half. Either way, not exactly a long time.

I came in the door after getting my prescription filled to find a certain rabbit sitting on the mat looking up at me with flat ears. "What?" I say. I expected her to grunt and head into her cage/food/water room and demand something be updated. She sat on her hind legs and thumped her forefeet on the ground a couple of times. This took me a rather long time to figure out. (Humans are stupid, dontcha know!)

When Sage is out on her leash, sitting on her back paws and wiggling her front paws up and down means "Pick me up!" It took me a while to figure "You get down here!" So I sat on the ground, wondering if I could get back up again and had a bunny hop onto my lap and grab my shirt with her teeth, pulling down. I put my face near her face and she intently started sniffing away. She grunted, chirped what I'd have called Scout's "query chirp" and hopped out of my lap to sit meatloafed beside my leg.

Scout was a chatty bunny. She had a huge vocabulary of chirps, cheeps, grunts, and even a noise that sounded suspiciously like a giggle when she was truly happy/amused. Sage has never vocalized beyond a grunt or the very rare tooth purr. So a chirp, one she hasn't heard in probably 18 months, was pretty darn impressive. I wasn't sure if she would let me pet her or not, but took the chance and stroked her nose. She put up with it for a surprising five minutes before getting up, shaking out her fur, and hopping off to her third favourite napping spot; under the rocking chair in the master bedroom.

Think if my back is still screwy tomorrow, I'll just skip the hospital and snuggle a bunny. It's better, and cheaper (no cab fare!), therapy.


  1. What a sweet little girl! She knows if she bees nice Mommy will feel better!

  2. What a sweetie you got there - a Dutchie at that!!!