Monday, September 6, 2010

Demanding Divas.

My friend Tracie is getting married. You might wonder what exactly this has to do with the beautiful bunny above, but it IS relevant, I promise you!

I am a very casual dresser. I'd wear clamdiggers / flood pants all year round if I could. I like t-shirts and tank tops. I typically don't wear much more. I gave away all my fancy clothes several years ago when it became clear I wouldn't work again and then I decided I'd never fit in them. So, this required shopping!

The original plan was for me to go over to the Island with my Dad and back with him again on his first day back at work. I would get to go shopping with Mummy. (I trust her a lot more than I trust sales people!) Unfortunately, I got violantly ill and my Dad went off without me. So, plan B was I go over THIS weekend. However, with Dad going for surgery, he was taking a month of work, so I'd have to get my own butt back to the mainland. My choices were take my car and spend 10x as much, or go over with him and walk on passenger back. For obvious reasons I decided on the latter!

I figured Sage would be okay for a couple days and I was gonna leave her on her own, but it was so hot on Friday I didn't want to abandon her in the closed up house, so off she went with me. The dilemna would be what to do with her on the ferry back. Stay on the car deck by myself for 2.25 hours? No bathroom breaks? Dogs around? Was not happy with this plan. So I asked my brother if my little angel could stay with him. He said he guessed. (Awww.. what a nice guy. Gives me a place to park my car, agrees to meet me at the ferry AND bunny sits!)

So Sage didn't have to ride on a ferry, I didn't have to carry a bunny who hops in her carrier to unbalance it while it's being carried, and no dogs sniffed at her. Bonus all around. When I got BACK to my brother's place, I said "Hi baby!" as I got to the top of the stairs. She perked right up and half periscoped, ears at the happy. Then she grunted, dropped to all fours and presented me with royal bunny butt.

I translated this to mean "MOMMY! You're BACK! .. Oh, wait, I'm mad at you! You're in big trouble!"


  1. I bet she preferred being at your brother's to being left all alone, but she did still have the right to be peeved at you. Did you find something to wear?

  2. Wait a sec... you never revealed the beautiful bunny/friend's wedding connection...

  3. HAH. Sometimes they forget they're mad.

  4. Looks like you'll have to bribe your way back into her good books with bananas or some other favourite treat of hers ;)

  5. LOL Lisa.. The connection was I abandoned her divaness. :D I know Tracie & Kevin from EQ2, they have two furkid cats and never tire of furkid bunny stories. :)

    I did find a blouse, but then decided what I had to go with it didn't suit so ended up in Value Village, of all places, where I found a good shirt, dress pants and shoes. For $32. VERY happy.

    Sage didn't seem to have an opinion either way. :)