Sunday, July 12, 2009

Audrey visits a little piece of home - Day Three

My Dad and I go for lunch on his days at work as his work is about ten minutes from me. Our favourite restaurant is a place called "Victory Restaurant" in Chilliwack. (Turn left on Hocking from Vedder, spot the sign on the right.) It's an English restaurant run by a couple from Portsmouth, lamb, shepherd's pie, and of course, fish and chips. Yum. :) So, of course, playing host to an English bunny, I had to take her by for a taste of home!

Audrey wasn't too keen about being that close to any sort of trap, but I said she had nothing to fear since they didn't trap bunnies, in fact, Alan, head chef and co-owner, once had pet bunnies of his own!

She decided anywhere that said 'welcome' to a bunny must be a nice place to visit.

Upon entering she took a look around to decide where the best place to sit would be. Beside a window would be nice, for the view is very pretty. But, near the kitchen is good too, 'cause then you can smell all the yummy smells and your food can't possibly arrive faster, or you can sit right beside the coffee pot. My Dad prefers the seat beside the coffee pot, and since my Dad grew up in Surrey, England (via Bristol then Kenya) she decided to follow the gentleman's lead.

Audrey glanced over the specials menu, but it was very hard to keep from studying the walls. They're covered in all sorts of British memorabilia. (It's rumoured the Scottish flag is in it's prominent position to shut some whining Scot up.. but since I don't know any whining Scots named Lorna, I don't know a thing about such rumours.) While she was tempted by the chips (that's French Fries to an American duck!) she decided she'd go with the bunny salad. (Also known as a green salad with no dressing.)

Audrey did consider a pint to go with her salad, but she decided since she's such a light weight she'd have to share it and I being on an N license can't drink and Dad was working so neither can he. She decided on a 'next time' since alochol can't be taken home in a bunny bag. Besides, we were a bit worried once she got a liquid taste of home she'd never want to leave. Time to pay and head home!

"And you wear wheels on your feet? Willingly?" Audrey was very confused by this strange display of human behaviour. Just when she thought humans couldn't get any stranger..

It was retro night at the North Surrey (BC, Canada this time) Recreation Centre and they were having a rollerskate night. You had your choice between inline (rollerblades) and quads (rollerskates) and since I shattered my arm to bits 'blading I went with the rollerskates.

I USED to be a good skater! This time I polished the floor and the walls with my butt and landed on a bench with a little more force than intended when I went to sit down. Not helped by the skates being a bit narrow for my not-so-dainty little feet.

Here Audrey gets a view of people who can skate. She just got carried around the very edge with me as I hung onto the wall for balance. I did manage to glide, but I was more stepping than skating for the most part. I was starting to get the feel for it once more when my feet said "enough!"

And here we are on the way home. Well, my home and Audrey's temporary warren away from warren. In the background is the beautiful Mount Baker, a dormant volcano. We Canadians think it's very generous of our American cousins to have a picturesque volcano for us to look at and be out of range of pyroclastics that will eventually hit the sky.

Audrey thinks I'm a bloody minded Scot at this point, but is far too polite to point it out.


  1. Oh AUdrey .. you are having such a trip! Boy .. English memories.

  2. Hi & thanks for dropping by our blog!

    I just finished reading all of Audrey's adventures with you, that bunny is really having a good time isn't she :)

  3. She's certainly got her paws full keeping me out of trouble ;)