Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day Eight, Part Two - Audrey and Fort Langley Fort.

Phew! There were fifty-two pictures from this set for me to resize and upload! The sad thing is, my camera's battery died or there'd have been *more!*

Here Audrey and I stop by the visitor's centre in Fort Langley, BC. after getting off the Albion Ferry. It had been *a lot* of years since I was last in Fort Langley and I knew there was nifty stuff to do.. it was just a matter of finding it!

Here Audrey reviews the map and list of things to do. It was a fairly hot day already (29C / 85F) so we decided to pick and choose rather than go around the whole town. The Fort in Fort Langley looked the most interesting to us. I didn't point out the educational aspect since I figured that'd make Audrey hop off and hide. What young creature wants to know their fun is *teaching* them something??

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  1. Oh my! Audrey is sure getting out and about .. Woo Hoo! I bet there is a bit of french and canadian twang in her normal english brogue!!!