Thursday, July 9, 2009

Audrey, Day Two

Well, I had an enthusiasm failure and didn't go down to the lake. I ended up grocery shopping instead. I didn't think Audrey would be terribly interested in shopping, so I let her stay home with Sage instead.

Sage seems awfully suspicious of this new comer. She looks a lot like Scout did, but she's a lot quietter and doesn't seem to run around the house at Mach 5. Hey, is she about to eat ALL the salad?!

This is about when my Mum is thinking 'Couldn't you have at least swept the floors and tidied up a bit before you started taking pictures??' Well, I COULD have.. but I didn't think of it. I sweep in the morning, Sage has it a mess by afternoon. It's a symbiotic relationship.

Speaking of Sage and relationships, she decides to go over and sniff out Audrey.

"You is going to share, right??" Sage asks, "I will let you nibbles first, but I gets most, right?? I'm the bigger bunny, I should get most!"

Audrey is quite happy to let Sage eat first AND as much as she likes. She's a nice rabbit that way.

"Dis is the bestest local lettuce," Sage explains between chomps. "The human gots it at a local farm. The lady was just washin' the dirt off its so fresh! It'd just been picked from da garden. Mawma feeds me organic and local for as much of the year as she can.. and is pwobably the only person in all of Cultus Lake who is happy for another crop of dandelions on her lawn! Humans are weird, did you know they don't like dandelions??"

Audrey agrees this is most strange since dandelions, both flowers *and* leaves are very tasty. But, she points out that as long as humans don't like them, there's more for the bunnies to eat.

Sage thinks Audrey is a very smart bunny.


  1. So cute! And such a polite guest!

  2. I'll probably send her onwards and upwards at the start of August if not before. I have lots and lots of *ideas* :D

    Glenna, she IS very polite. I don't know how she puts up with me ;)