Thursday, July 23, 2009

Day Twelve - Cultus Lake.

We took a it easy for a few days and just hung out around the house and enjoyed the glorious sunny weather. Audrey mentioned she still hasn't actually seen the Lake that gives my little village it's name even tho it's a mere ten minute walk away. We decided we'd have to fix this immediately!

As you come across the mountain pass you're greeted by this happy sign. Cultus Lake is part of a provincial park (It used to be Federal, but they passed the buck.) but unlike most parks, it has properties and all sorts of things inside the boundaries.

This is the sign before the village. Audrey is there, honest!

See! There she is! .. It's a rather big sign.

And here' s the lake! Well, a small portion of it by the cabins, anyway. There's homes that back right up on the lake all along the north edge and up part of the east edge of the lake. As you get to the south end, there's a few private beaches with elite summer homes, but that's a good twenty minute drive around the lake. The COOL people live at the north end. ;)

The sign didn't say 'No bunnies' so Audrey felt it was safe to go out on the dock.

Lots and lots of boats on the lake! There were a few hardy swimmers, but the lake was still pretty chilly since we'd had a late spring. It's glacier fed.. so until the snow on the mountains is completely gone, only the young and/or insane swim in the lake. The rest of us lounge on shore or in boats. :)

Lots of grass for a young bun to hang out on and nom. She was very impressed how well groomed the area was, she felt there must be a fleet of bunnies out there mowing the lawn.

Lots of wild flowers to stop and sniff and nibble! The residents plant little gardens along the walks and take care of them.

And that's the whistle stop tour of Cultus Lake's Lake. :)

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