Monday, July 13, 2009

Sage and Lightning.

We had a wicked thunder and lightning storm last night and Sage was *most* unimpressed with it. It surprised me that it took as long as it did to freak her out, but I guess between the rock quarry with it's blasting, the thrice a year firework shows across the hill at the golf course and other noises, it just doesn't phase her until it doesn't stop within twenty minutes.

By the two hour mark she was just twitching and trying to face the direction the loud bangs and rumblings were coming from. It probably wasn't helped that the thunder kept rocking the house when the storm was right overhead. She wasn't even interested in a sour cream and onion chip until the storm had passed on. Well, which isn't to say she didn't take it and hide it incase I tried to take it back, but she didn't eat it till much much later.

On the subject of eating, I don't think I appreciated just how much food and water Scout packed away. I keep thinking Sage is off her food, but she hasn't lost weight, her output is normal and she accepts treats and does eat plenty of hay. I'm starting to think Scout ate all the pellets while Sage sticks mostly to hay.

Ah well, guess I can buy smaller bags of pellets in the future!

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