Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Move on over, the Big Dawg is coming in.

In theory, dogs taller than a foot and a half (eighteen inches) aren't allowed in the park. But as long as its a day trip, things tend to get looked the other way. I'm not sure why the dislike on big dawgs, Basset Hounds can outbark a Husky after all, but I don't make the rules.

Today Sage and I went out for our hop a little later than usual so we got to see most of the dog walkers. For the most part the dogs and humans ignored us, but a lady walking a malamute-lab (I asked ;) cross had to come see the bunny. I asked how good the doggie was with smaller animals before I let them near. She says 'Oh she loves puppies.. and everything small and furry is a puppy!' Call me cynical and untrusting, but I was ready to grab Sage in an instance.

Sage made her happy butt wiggle as the dog came closer. She loves all things furry. She tries to adopt anything smaller than her.. well, except Scout, who she just puts up with. And so, this dog got closer, and closer and Sage is looking up, and then up, and then almost falling over backwards as she's trying to periscope at this huge monstrosity of a canine whose head is twice as large as her body.

Dawgie ("Miko") let out a soft whine and put her head down to sniff at Sage. Sage gave me a look that was pure rabbit "You've got to be f'n kidding me!" she then leaned forward and tentatively licked the dawgie's nose in a "Yeah yeah, you're the alpha bunny, I'm grooming you" fashion. The dawgie thought this was great, so she licked back.

Sage was most unimpressed with a dawgies ability to groom an entire rabbit in one slurp. She thumped and dived between my legs making her "UP!" motion in a hurry. I, of course, wasn't laughing my ass off at the indignant rabbit. Miko just looked confused. "Why doesn't the puppy like me?" she whined.

Sage buried her face under my chin for the hide factor tied in with the wipe some of the dawgie germs off on the human factor. Bunnies are all about getting multiple things done at once, especially if one is punish the human. Miko didn't think pets and scratches from a human were nearly as fun, she kept whinging at Sage so we decided to make a retreat while Miko's human tried to explain why the 'puppy' didn't wnat to play..

Poor Sage!

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