Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The honk of happiness.

Dandelion season is in full swing, which means the bunnies are once again getting greens from the garden. Yes, it's true, bunny people are insane and happy to see dandelions. I brought in a handful of dandelion leaves and flowers yesterday for the buns and Scout came barrelling over and took a sniff and looked like she was about to do a binky (bunny shake/dance of happiness) and then reconsidered and instead gave a happy honk and buried her nose in yellow and green. Munch, munch, munch went the rabbit.

Sage seemed happy to sit and wait as her sister ate. It's like she read my blog post yesterday and wanted to prove me wrong. After the first couple of flowers, Scout started decapitating the dandelions to eat the stalk and let Sage have the yellow sugary goodness. Yeah, because Sage really needs the help being a hyperactive little furball, thanks Scout.

Scout made her way through a very impressive pile of dandelion leaves and then curled up for a nap, all puffed out and tooth purring away. When I picked her up for med torture this morning I swear her fur felt softer and like she'd already put some weight on her scrawny self. Our friend Laura insists dandelions are the magic bunny food, and I think this just proves her more right!

So a few handfuls of dandelions went into the bunny room again today and all that can be heard is munch, munch, honk!, munch, munch. Happy bunnies indeed.

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