Monday, April 6, 2009

Mondays are fundays

It's been beautiful and sunny out here in the pacific northwest. The smell of spring and warmth has not bypassed the notice of two small furry animals who are pampered princess house rabbits. I gave up and got up this morning when they were using my for a stool to stick their noses against the window screen. I don't mind being clambered over, but they were digging their claws in as they kept their balance. They have blunt claws, but both have claws in need of trimming and my legs get bruised enough without bunny help.

They were both most put out that I DARED to get up when it wasn't convienent to them. The weird thing was, Sage slept up beside me last night while Scout slept on the floor. I'm guessing she is feeling a bit off balance again since she is tracking (head twitching) a little and just didn't want to hop up on the bed for something as silly as keeping a human company. Sage will normally just sleep wherever Scout is. For some strange reason she vastly prefers bunny company to human company. But then, she also vastly prefers vegetarian humans to non, and I'm definitely a non. Probably we who eat meat smell bad to her. Anyway, she slept against my legs and grumped at me each and every time I got up. I get up frequently. The last time I came back and she'd shoved my pillow on the floor and was curled up on it. I was an extra nice human and didn't steal the pillow back. The fact I had two more on the bed was compeletly irrlevant, I was just thinking of the bunny! ;)

Medicated Scout, and then got to put eye goo in her eye because it was looking dried out and yucky. The medication instructions say hold container verticly, hold lid open and apply diretly to eye. Hmm. I think that was either written for a human or for an animal you can sit on. Most people would say wrap the bunny in a towel and then just hold her how you need her. That might work if I duct tape the towel to Scout, but she's just so small and so skinny she can wiggle herself free of anything. Normally the trick is to just put her somewhere where she doesn't have secure enough footing to jump off. She can, and will, jump off anything up to five feet high if she feels she has the traction. Of course, its a bit hard to put something in her eye when she's in a squirm-sit position.

So, she got cuddled, grumbled, cursed, cuddled, and basically tortured on the ez-chair while she did everything in power to escape while I did everything in my power to apply eye gel to a squirming bunny. I think I won in the end since she did get eye gel in her eye, but she also got some on her fur, got me clawed quite nicely a few times and managed to get a smart ass 'groom the human' session in. This consisted of squirm, squirm, stop, lick my cheek, squirm, grunt, squirm. I can use clear eye instead of the gel, I think Dr. M just thought gel would be easier. I'm thinking liquid would be and she won't have goop on her eyeball. So we'll try that tomorrow if her eye is dry again.

To add insult to injury when I came home from lunch with my Dad I decided that it was yard care day. The weather people are promising at least another two days rain free so I sprayed moss killer on my lawn. I can tell it's already working a few hours later because I have growing brown patches all across the surface that used to be green .. moss green. But to run the hose I have to use the kitchen tap, so they get blocked off in the bunny room while I muck around. Every time I walk past the room there's two disapproving rabbits glaring at me. Never mind that they would normally be passed out in a sunbeam and not leaving that room at all, that's not the point. The point is I've dared to restrict their movement!

I told them there's hutch bunnies all over the world who would be happy to recieve dandilion leaves and be locked in an indoor room for a wee while. They didn't believe me.

It's a good thing they're cute!

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