Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Every Bun is a music critic

Bunnies like music. Like people their musical tastes are widely different depending on the individual bun.

Scout, my 7.5 year old lionhead/netherland dwarf cross likes anything with base drum. She likes queen, she likes Eminem, and she likes Parliment Funkadelic. There was a period when I still had satellite that whenever the Eminem Ipod commercial came on she'd stop doing whatever she was doing, hop over to the TV and sit on her back paws and watch and listen with fascination. As soon as it was done, she was back to destroying whatever she'd previously been destroying.

Sage, my 3.5 year old silver dutch likes.. well, I'm not sure what to call it. She enjoys Michael Buble, Josh Groban, Sarah McLaughlan, Dolly Parton, Matt Dusk, Loreena McKinnett and, previous to last night, I'd thought Celine Dion. But when "I drive All Night" came on, Sage's ears flattened and she thumped at the stereo. Typically Sage and Scout just tune out songs they're ambivilant about, something really has to offend them somehow for them to display their dislike. Heck, the whistling kettle doesn't even get a reaction. The aluminum roof rattling on the deck in windstorms doesn't get an ear twitch. That Celine Dion song, however, got flat ears, three thumps and some grunts before I found the remote and hit mute.

Maybe she thinks the Cyndi Lauper version is superior. Maybe she just wasn't in a Celine mood. Or maybe she thinks Celine should spend more time being a Canadian ambassador and less being a Vegas showgirl. Its so hard to tell with a bunny.

Or maybe she just thinks "OMG, this song SUCKS!"

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