Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Bunny Nose.

Scout is feeling somewhat better. This means she's fighting medication. That involves peeing on me as soon as I pick her up. This lasted until I held her over Sage as I was picking her up and Sage was not happy with the shower. Scout got stuck grooming her sister after. Hee hee. *cough* I mean, the poor abused bunny.

Then she will squirm as I put the oral syringe in her mouth and try to deliever the antibiotics and painkillers. Her latest trick is to put her front paw on the syringe and shove it away. If that doesn't make me feel sufficiently guilty, she will sit and groom my hand, or face, or whatever she can reach making her "I'm sorry!" noises.

Typically, I kneel on the floor infront of the counter so we're eye level. This seems to calm Scout a bunch. She really doesn't like not being able to see the eyes of those around her. I pet her, I play with her, I am evil human and groom loose fur off her. Then I try and hold her firmly but gently while I shove a plastic tube in her mouth and push the end. That's about when we get Squirmy McGee, champion bucking rabbit. Today she did the paw on syringe shove away twice. The second time I didn't remove thumb from the end fast enough and I delievered medication even after she'd gotten it out of her mouth. It went in her nose.

Bunnies, for the record, breath through their noses.

THIS particular bunny, with banana flavoured liquid antibiotics in one nostril, flattened her ears and thumped at me. I was appropriately sympathetic and said "Its your own fault for squirming!" I then got to try and clean out a twitchy bunny nose on a twitchy bunny. We settled on her snorting it onto the dress shirt I was wearing. It's always a compromise in her favour.

Every time I walk past the bunny room, she turns her back on me and snorts. I don't think she's going to forget real quick..

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