Monday, April 27, 2009

Some days, we just want to play in the mud.

Now that the weather is cheerful once more I broke out Sage's harness and leash to see if she wanted to go walkies. She decided that she could be persudaded.. and then thumped when I didn't move fast enough. It's so hard for a bunny to get good help.

The idea here was for her to get exercise since she and Scout have had limited space due to the selling of house. I think her idea was for me to get exercise since she dragged me up and down the yard about fifteen times and it wasn't until she was starting to get tired did she give into the mint patch and flomp over. It was as a favour to me, of course, that she nibbled on some of the mint. Have to keep the human happy you know.

After deciding that was really boring, she rolled to her feet, gave me glares while I untangled her from her leash, and then decided the briar patch that is between the apple tree and the I-have-no-idea-what-it-is needed a hole in it. So she proceeded to shower dirt every which way, including at me. My grey silver and white bunny was soon covered in debris, as was I. It rained last night (how shocking in a rain forest) so only the top lair of earth was dry. Soon there was globs of mud going flying.

When the hole was big enough for her purposes; which as far as i can tell was to relocate a whole lot of terra firma, she lost interest and chewed on the apple tree for a while. She stopped to periscope around and then decided she'd had enough and hopped off into the house for a drink, a nibble of hay and a nap.

Its very hard work being a bunny you know.

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  1. unfortunately a vet isn't an option right now!!! long story.....if you think i can do it please tell me how. cut it? with what? have you done this before? it's very small...

    thanks lorna!