Monday, April 20, 2009

Plants and Rabbits

Some of my bunny enslaved friends grow herbs and grasses and things for their little furballs. Not me. I brought in a little thing of wheat grass once and Sage mowed it flat before Scout even got a look at it. Anything green and vaguely edible meets a similar fate. You'd think Sage, who gets to play outdoors and eat dandelions and grass Scout doesn't see, would be more willing to share with her older 'sister' but not a chance. She's a one stop eating machine.

Scout is terrified of the great outdoors. Considering she adopted me after I chased off two dogs who were trying to eat her, I can't rightly blame her. Sage, having been raised in the cat room at the SPCA is perfectly happy exploring the great outdoors. What amuses me is she, who can chomp through a computer cable in one bite, has never tried to chomp the leash. She's perfectly happy sampling the rose bushes, the grass, the dandelions, the wysteria, the.. well, pretty much anything green, leafy and rabbit edible. She has taken little nibbles of things less bunny friendly, but never seems to go back to them.

Clover is her favourite of favourites. She will roll around in it like a horse right before removing it from the existance of the planet. Of course, it's the humans responsibility to untangle said rabbit from the leash and harness without interfering with the eating of the clover. Normally I just tell her it's not going anywhere and to suffer the ten second wait. See what she has to deal with??

Today the goal is to remove all the moss from the lawn.. all so there'll be more green for Sage to mow, of course.

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