Friday, May 1, 2009

Bunnies can tell time.

Many think me insane when I say rabbits can tell time, but I assure you they can. No, I don't mean they hide pocket watches in their waist coats or that they stare at the clock on the wall, but they seem to have a very accurate time sense.

For example, if I were to feed my rabbits every morning at 0700 for a week and then on day eight not feed them at 0730, there would be rattles, thumps and thrown dishes coming. Nevermind that may still have hay and pellets, it's the principal of the matter. They get fed at 0700, I should be there feeding them darnit.

Fortunately, for me, the only real thing I do on an accurate schedule is medication. They tend to get fresh food and hay in the morning when I wake up, but I wake up anywhere between 0430 and 0700. They get fresh water before I go to bed, which can be anywhere from an optimistic 2200 to 0330. But medication, when one of them needs it, is done on a fairly accurate schedule. I prefer once a day medications since I just have to remember one time.

Scout is currently on antibiotics for her inner ear infection. She's still not her usual hoppy self, but she's hanging in there and standing up to Sage once more. She has good days, she has bad days but for the most part I'd say she's doing pretty good for a seven and a half year old rabbit. This morning I was talking to a neighbour at 1000, so she didn't get her meds right away. Normally, at 0950 she dives into the igloo and hides there until I bribe her out. I don't think she minds the banana flavoured meds so much as she does being picked up. If I put the syringe in her mouth, she'll suck on it.

This morning she didn't get treated until almost 1020. I approached and she thumped at me and made a run for it. "Stinky human! Not only picking me up but doing it LATE." She then expressed her opinion. Unfortunately for her, she hit the hay rather than me.

She's a very forgiving and patient bunny, she let me make it up to her with a couple dandelion flowers.

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