Friday, May 22, 2009

The dangers of vinyl flooring when you're a rabbit.

Sage, for the most part, likes the vinyl floors. When they were put in, not only did the artic breezes go away but she could go barrelling down the hallway and plant her butt down and go skidding through the kitchen and into the living room. Seen Thumper on ice watching Bambi? You've seen Sage on the vinyl.

Scout was never much for it, I think her hips bothered her and hopping on the vinyl required more muscle effort than was comfortable for her. But Sage, most of the time, doesn't treat it any different than carpet.

Today however proved the cruelness of the human heart. You see, she, for whatever reason was in a very good mood today. Bunnies who are happy run around and toss their heads and wiggle their bums. Very happy bunnies jump in the air, shake their hindquarters and do a bee in the ear head shake. So, this morning Sage bounced through the house and in one of her bouncing, rambuctious, runs through the kitchen she decided to binky. The problem really here is with the principal of what goes up, must come down. And binkying bunny met slick floor and feet went every which way on contact and she scrambled and bounced off her side and back up again.

I got glared at royally. This may have something to do with the peels of laughter coming from my direction, I'm not quite sure. Poor abused bunny.

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