Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Which holiday is it?

As near as I can tell not only is today Cinco De Mayo, Scrapbook club day and a few other things, it’s also international Tim Hortons day. That’s the only explanation I can come up with for the hoardes of people in all the Tim Hortons I visited today.

Today was another mad cleaning day since I had a house showing at 1600. You could colour Scout and Sage all kinds of ‘unimpressed’ as they were evicted from their cage that they were napping in for it to be cleaned. They sit and thumped at me every so often to make sure I knew how much they didn’t like my changing the scent and contents of their cage. I’m sure they’d be the first to tell you that every time they get their home smelling just the way they like it I go and change it. I’m a very inconsiderate person, you know. I tossed them and their toys back in the cage before moving on else where.

Elsewhere included the DIY project of cleaning the aertor in the bathroom tap that had resulted in a small pond in the bathroom. I got that fixed and supervisor Sage decided that I couldn’t be trusted after that and followed me around the house to make sure that I didn’t remove ALL the bunny hair. I’m not sure what she was worried about, we all know fifty years from now the house will have fallen down but the bunny fur will remain. Scout and Sage are very happy to help their dust bunny cousins’ colonies grow at any and all opportunities, they’re very giving that way.

They were even less impressed when they get shoved in the cage and the door closed behind them and I abandoned them to go mow the lawn in the brief period of sunshine we saw. All those dandelions who faced death and not at the hands of bunny teeth.. to mix images. The poor abused lagomorphs did get a couple of plants and a handful of flowers, but still, I’m a heartless cruel human to let all those precious yellow flowers be decapitated to lie in the sun uneaten.

I’m sure when I get home I’ll face the wrath of two bunnies who were locked up for an hour. How dare I do such things to them?

It’s a good thing I’m cute.

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