Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Scout and Star Trek

We're going to overlook that the disabled lady pirated Star Trek (2009). No excuses, I wanted to see it and didn't have the financial ability to do so until the end of the month. Twenty dollars in gas, the ticket, beyond my means at the moment. Does it make it right? Hell no. I actually considered buying an online ticket at my local theatre to balance my viewing it illegally. Would that make it right? I don't know. But, it does mean I get a bunny blog post!

Scout is in love with Mark Harmon, aka Jethro Gibbs. I thought her little bunny head was going to explode in happiness the day that I watched him on West Wing and then on NCIS. And who can blame her? He's one delicious hunk of man if you happen to like the tall, two legged and furless variety. Now, chances are it's just his voice she likes for whatever reason, but whenever he talks whether it is laptop or TV, she sits up on her back paws, ears tuned to the source, and sits perfectly still until the scene with Mr Harmon is over. She then goes right back to what she was doing.

Sage has only reacted to the TV a few times and that's when Johnny Depp has been a pirate captain of hunky proportions. What can I say? My bunny girls are excellent judges of hearthrobs. When the evil English officer threatened Captain Sparrow, Sage actually boxed the screen in anger. If Mr Depp ever needs a furry bodyguard, Sage would work happily for him in exchange for snuggles and papaya tablets. Heck, I'd work for him for snuggles and papaya tablets..

Anyway. Last night I watched the new Star Trek movie. Sage was unimpressed with the action scenes and muttered a lot. She flipped her ears around and was cranky, especially at the phasor fire. At one point she thumped and turned her back on us. Scout, however, sat periscoped until I picked her up and put her on the couch with me. (She still hasn't started jumping post middle ear infection) She sat and watched the entire movie with me. She seemed interested the most when Karl Urban (aka Leonard McCoy) was talking, but the end credits made her cheep. Or maybe that was her human Mum sniffling.

Would it be equally wrong to download all the TOS episodes to see if my bunny is a Trekkie or just a fan of good movies?

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