Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sympathy from the devil bunny.

It was a busy day today between offers on my house, first day of voting and investigating a big toe that was turning more and more purple. Strangely, the more purple it turns the less it hurts. Maybe it'll fall off soon..

Anyway, so I was medicating Scout hours after she was due for her medication. She probably thought I'd forgotten and she didn't have to act like a screaming dervish for ten minutes. I do know how it tires her so to act like I'm pulling her whiskers out and dabbing them with salt. She was doing her bucking bronco routine of 'That stuff is yucky!' before she tastes it when Sage came around to investigate.

I was sitting cross-legged on the ground, Scout was sitting on the top of the cage. Well, sitting insinuates some sort of pacification, but lets just pretend for a moment. Sage was sniffing at my foot. "Please don't nudge my foot Sage," I whimper. There's not a whole lot of room for me to move the injured party out of the reach of curious bunnies.

She sniffs. I wince. She sniffs. I wince. She then licks my toe. While I appreciated the sympathy, it tickled, so I jerked away and slammed my knee into the cage. "Son of a..!" I yelped, while Scout thumped and Sage followed suit by thumping and running away. She stopped at the far side of the kitchen to give me [b]looks[/b]. "I was [b]trying[/b] to be nice Mom!" and "OMG, you're so mean to me!" and let's not forget "You don't understand me at all!" If there's a martyred teenager look, I got it from Sage. The sad thing was, for a change she was almost in the right.

I apologized and offered her half a papaya tablet. She sniffed at me, sniffed at it, twitched her ears about as she thought about it and finally took it from me as if granting me a great favour.

She's just so patient and tolerant with me..

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