Monday, May 4, 2009

Sage says "Thump!"

I was late to bed last night and up early. This isn't a particularly unusual occurrence. What WAS unusual was Sage was sitting by the front door at 0900 with an expectant look on her face. "Ferget it rabbit." I say as I stumble into the kitchen to make tea.

She didn't make a fuss, she just turned to watch me. I put on the kettle and prepped Scout's medication. In most households the two would have nothing to do with each other but if I'm going to be wrestling a two pound rabbit turned ninja Tasmanian devil, I need tea. I did have a slight twinge of conscience that the medication was ready before me or the tea, so I sat at the kitchen table and marveled in the fact my mother would never believe I used the table for something other than storing things on top of or abusing bunnies. (Abuse in their minds, anyway.)

The kettle finally whistled, I made tea, I had a mouthful and went to wrestle with Scout. Today she decided that what she normally things is yummy banana is poison and fought me every step of the way. You'd think I was trying to shove thorns into her mouth. When I was finally done, she sat and licked her chops and then tried to lick the now empty oral syringe. "All gone" I said. She gave me the look of 'Who said you could run out?' It's a good thing bunnies aren't like fifteen year old teenage girls..

Speaking of which, it was about then Sage thumped at the front door to remind me she was there. She was waiting patiently. "I need a shower. I need to finish my tea. I need.." I could have said both legs had fallen off and I wasn't able to walk, it didn't matter, the bunny wanted a walk. I hear you can occasionally reason with a dog who wants a walk, not this rabbit. She just continued to stare at me and sit at the front door.

So I finished my tea. I got dressed. I did my morning blog read and email troll. (I still haven't read today's webcomics.) Sage remained by the front door staring at me. I finally said "Okay already!" and got up and got her harness and leash. I got her settled in and she only made mild faces of 'Die human!' when the harness went over her ears. I then opened the door. She stuck her nose out, thumped, and turned tail and ran for the bedroom.

Apparently it's not warm/sunny/puddly/who-knows-what enough for the rabbit and it's all my fault. She spent the rest of the morning thumping at me every time I walked past.

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