Saturday, July 21, 2012

Fric'n'Frac Report!

Some of you may remember the brothers Fric and Frac. For those that don't I'll give the brief recap! These two were romping around a park when a bunny person found them and took them in. This lady already had a lot on her plate dealing with cancer and an ill husband and a houseful of furries. She asked for help a few times but got crickets. Finally she had to say "They're ill, they're more than I can handle, I'm taking them to a shelter."  Lisa stepped in and took them in. She got them medical treatment, she got them neutered, she got them back to being furry happy destructo-buns. I said I'd foster them. So, they got on a plane (eventually ;) and I picked them up at the Seattle-Tacoma Airport and they came home with me.

Sage was LESS than pleased. Frac was a love bug. All he wanted to do was sit in your lap and be pet and stroked and loved. He would tooth purr away. Fric, however, was quite feral. I donated blood to him more than once. I had passed the word that I had them, they were definitely beyond my bunny experience level and my patience limit. (People who re-socialize any animal, whether, cat, rabbit or cow, deserve medals and financial rewards.) A lady who worked at the vet clinic said her sister wanted rabbits, I cautioned that Fric was a handful. Her sister came round and fell in love with Frac, so off they went. Fric went absolutely bezerk. I ended up getting in contact with her and asking her if she'd possibly consider taking Fric too, or if she could return Frac. She said she'd take Fric.

I visted twice (once to drop off Fric, once to drop off a gift box from Lisa) and she seemed quite smitten with them.. So imagine my surprise when Amy contacts me to say Whisky, Tango, Foxtrot, Fric and Frac are in the SPCA's system! I went to look, and sure enough, there they were.

I didn't have the resources to bail them out. I wasn't allowed pets in my condo at that point, I hadn't rabbit proofed anything, and I could barely feed myself.. keeping a rabbit fed would be a challenge, let alone two. They were at the education centre in PoCo and we decided that was as good a place as any bunny could really be. We asked the SPCA to let us know if they'd be euthanized and left it there.

I was talking about them today with He Who Shall Remain Nameless and decided to do a search. And guess what?!

Frick & Frack   

ID: Frick & Frack 


These boys were surrendered by their previous owner together because they were unable to care for them.
The staff and volunteers here at the centre think they’re pretty great! They are a very social and loving pair who LOVE their veggies.
They love each other very much and need to go to a home together.

Yay!! They were adopted and no longer in "the system!" I dunno who worked what miracle to make them so loving and social, but I'm glad they did! I'm still miffed at whatever-her-name-was that she didn't .. oh, I don't know, PHONE ME, when she had to give them up. I'm not sure what I could have done, depending on when it happened, but I'm pretty sure I could have at least TRIED to find them a foster home or something.

But all's well that end's well, right??

Two bunny boys have found their furever homes.. FINALLY!


  1. Lorna don't feel to bad you did what you could and nobody could ask for more, unfortunately some people are unreliable and we can't account for that. Aggressive bunnies take a lot of hard work,I should know my last bun was a dutch and he was terrible it took 2 to 3 years for him to come good.I know along time but there was good moment during that time but he would suddenly turn on you and you were back to square one,but he was rewarding because all of a sudden he changed and became a lap snuggle cuddly bunny and when he passed huby and me was devastated which is why I bullied huby into getting another bunny because I couldn't deal with my own grief and his as he was worse than me.I'm one of those who can put it into perspective because I know I will see all of my bunns and other pets who have passed again.Anyway that lead us to Speedy our cheeky boy.So I guess What I'm trying to say is we do what we can and the rest is up to fate and the lap of the gods

  2. Yay Speedy, heart healer, cheeky monkey extrodinaire. :)

    1. amen to that,any way since Speedy has decided to adopt you he say's he's missing some*snuggles and nose rubs*I'm not sure what he means as he gets plenty from me and his dad,he's so demanding...hehehe

  3. Glad to hear their story has a happy ending!