Tuesday, July 3, 2012

[Bunny Fiction] Olympic Planning Commitee

Mickey, bunny model extrodinaire, stood up with a stretch only a bunny could manage. He shook his floppy, loppy, ears, as he extended his spine with a muscle straning stretch, his hind toes digging into the carpet as his front legs pulled him forward. With a quick yawn he hopped on his way down the hallway. He supposed he should probably close his enclosure over, but The Boy, his sworn nemesis, would get blamed if he didn't. That was always funny!

Mickey stopped in front of the hall mirror to peer at himself. Five years old and he still had it! He looked at himself from one angle and then the other. There was absolutely no denying it, he was the most handsome bun in the house! Why, he'd bet he was the most handsome bun in the entire city!

"Stop the preening, we have planning to do!" Weasley declared from where he was sitting to the side of Mick.

The lop looked over with a furrowed brow. He hadn't been admiring himself for THAT long, had he? Surely not! Uppy rabbits could just be so impatient, they were all rush, rush, rush! Waitaminute.. "How do you know I was looking in the mirror?!"

The blind rabbit rolled his cloudy eyes, "This is where the mirror has been for years," he said, "And I could hear you over here lost in ego land."

Mick sat up, most indignant. "I was NOT lost in ego land!"

Weasley snorted, "I've been sitting her for seventy two's of an hour!"

Mick's brow furrowed as he tried to do the math. "I think you're reading the clock wrong."

Weasley just looked at the lop with incredulity.

"Oh. Right." Mick realized his red fuzzy friend was being sarcastic again. He wasn't always so good at spotting that. They sat there for a minute before Mick led his friend back to his warren, happy to share his latest bundle of hay.

The two munched in happy companionship for a while.

"So, not that I'm not happy to see you," Mick said as they started to slow down in the hay mowing, "But what're you doing here?"

"Oh! I was thinking about the Olympics." Weasley said around a long strand of hay as he chewed it shorter and shorter.

"Me too! I can't wait to see the tossing!" Mr Mick excelled at tossing!

"Hammers, metal frisbees, it does sound fun," Weasley agreed. Not this his momma ever let him toss hammers. She got upset about damage to walls and things. Was it HIS fault that the hammer had been heavier than he expected? At least he hadn't been caught or blamed..

The two munched on.

"Anyway!" Weasley said, getting back to the matter at paw, "I was thinking Speedy needs to experience the hay mobile."

Mr Mick nodded enthusaistically, "Do we put wings on it to fly across the ocean?" That sounded very fun to him!

"No.. That'd just take too long. Flights can take *NINE* hours!" Weasley and Mr Mick both thought there were better things they both could be doing with that time.. like sleeping.

Mick shuddered at the thought of having to be awake and paying attention.. "Wait, why don't we just get some of that cruise control stuff?" He asked. Point the box in the direction of Speedy's house and off it'd go!

"I have a better idea!" Weasley said with a foot stomp. "If you'd let me get it out!"

"Sorry, sorry!" Mick apologized. He gave Weasley's ear a fond lick. Uppy ear fur tasted funny though.

"Anyway." Weasley said, again. "Why not take it through a bunny portal?" Weasley asked and then carried on before Mickey could possibly answer. "See, Speedy showed that pantries can be used, and one of them is sure large enough!"

Mick tossed his head, "Problem is, the larger the closet or cupboard, the less accurate the portal. I think Speedy proved that!"

Weasley gave the bunny equivalent of a shrug, "Doesn't matter if we land down the road of Speedy's, does it? We'll have transport!"

"Oooooh." Mr Mick said, catching on. "That IS a good idea!" He sat down and groomed a hind foot in appreciation.

"Thank you!" Weasley said proudly, giving his jaw a scritch.  "Good enough to let me drive again?"

"NO!" Mickey said sternly, then seeing his friend's crestfallen face, "Well.. maybe."

Weasley brightened right up, "You won't regret it! I've been practicing, you know!"

"Really?" Mick asked, wondering just how well that had been working out.

"Sure!" A pause. "Though, I think my neighbours are starting to wonder about the strange designs on their lawns..." He mused.

Mickey snorted, "Humans are always wondering about stupid things, don't worry about it." He sat up on his hindlegs, sniffing, "Hey, I think The Boy left his door open, wanna go snack on some paper? He has the best tasting paper!"

"Lead on!" Weasley agreed, getting to his own feet.

"This'll be the best Olympics yet!" Mr Mick declared with a happy hop!


  1. Yay Mickey and Weasley are comming to visit,Hmm better get the refreshments ready *MUM! we've got company comming* lol Speedy! (great story Lorna!)

    1. Do I want to know what refreshments you plan? Cucumber and cress sandwiches are my favourite tea finger food.. But I'm not sure bread is any better for buns than it is for me these days.. :)

    2. what ever you fancy mum can do it,well I think she can

  2. Oh boy, here they go again. :D

  3. Hi! Speedy told me about your site! I'm over at http://zantippyskiphop.blogspot.com/ and have a page for pictures of writers with their rabbits! Let me know if I can use a pic of you! Thanks!

    1. Oh absolutely! I have a bunch on here .. and some on my Facebook page. (If you have Facebook, I'm on there as Lorna Appleby, I'm the sarcastic one. ;)

      As for poetry .. hmm, I'll give it a think. Maybe Freddie will have some inspiration. :)

  4. Speedy and brandi also left poems!

  5. "The two munched in happy companionship for a while."

    I love when they do that!

    I love how bunnified this story is! And I was just trying to figure out the patterns on my lawn yesterday...

    1. LOL! I love writing bunny fiction, I just wish I had more inspiration more often!

    2. I think you do pretty good with all these buns and now cats for inspiration Lorna

  6. Now I know what Weasley was doing while I was away. I'm going to have to have a talk with my bunny-sitter!

    1. Weasley, distract her with looking cute or a bunny kiss, quick!