Friday, July 20, 2012

Farewell Amy Cat.

Those of you who are on my Facebook already know this -- but I finally had to give Amy Cat up. I was having trouble breathing, even with doing laundry and vacuuming, etc every day. We tried all sorts of things, additives to her food, additives to my food, daily grooming, vacuuming her, different foods, all sorts of things, unfortunately it got to the point where I had hives and trouble breathing in my sleep.

Trying to find somewhere to take her was an adventure in itself. Apparently it's "kitten season." I didn't realize there was a kitten season, similar to abandoned bunny season. (A couple months after Easter.) The local shelters had no room, the SPCA transferred around cats and kittens (so there's a balance of each at each shelter) and had room for her. So a $50 donation later, and I left the SPCA sniffling.. and not from allergies this time.

A few people have queried why I didn't have these troubles with Sage and Scout. (And various fosters who came through my home) The fact of it, as near as I can tell is, I lived in a home twice the size and only the bedroom had carpet. So it was easy to sweep up bunny fur.. and while Scout slept under my chin, they didn't roll around on the furniture like Amy Cat did. Sage did have a habit of sitting between the fan and me while I was sleeping so I'd wake up sneezing. (To which she'd then binky off the arm of the couch.. the little *&!@.) But I think Scout had a worse allergy to hay than I did. (She'd stick her head in the hay and start sneezing. The poor fuzzball.)

Will I get a rabbit? I don't think so. I MAY try fostering, but the fact of the matter is bunnies are expensive and I can't afford the vet care and bunny proofing and everything else that comes hand in paw with a bunny. 

Freddie Gerbil still seems a bit confused, he stuck his tail out of the cage this morning to wiggle it about and got no response. I think he may actually miss cat fishing.  I'm not sure what to do with him. He's obviously lonely, he does have a touch of arthritis, but a willow branch to chew on seems to have dealt with that, however, gerbils need to be bonded just like bunnies. The downside is that gerbils only live a year and a half, so I'd get Freddie bonded (probably) just in time for him to scarper off to heaven. And I'd need a second cage. 

In the non-fuzzy news, I have yet another MRI for my back and yet another appointment with a neurosurgeon. I'm not sure why, medical technology hasn't advanced far enough yet to help me. (I have a damaged nerve, keloid scar build up from surgery, arthritis and three bulged discs.) While they could do another discectomy .. I don't much see the point. But my GP seems to think its very important, so I just sigh and waste tax payer money. Who knows, maybe the neurosurgeon can at least come up with a better pain management plan because the current one is Not Working anymore.

In better news, the blistering hot 95F weather of the last couple weeks has turned back into rain. I love rain! (Best reason for living in a rain forest, I tells ya!) So I'm not quite the big bag of whining I have been. :)

*Nose Bonks and Ear Scritches*


  1. *hugs* Mr. Mick sends nonallergenic nose bonks and bunny kisses, and we will be thinking good thoughts for relief from pain and allergies.

  2. Speedy send snorgles,nose bonks and bunny kisses and say's that you can be his new foster sister that way there's no allergies,no added cost just lots of love and attention,Speedy's mum

  3. Aww.. Virtual furry godsons are the bestest :)

    1. hehehe...*snuggles and nose bonks* from Speedy