Sunday, July 15, 2012

[Bunny Fiction] Vengeance for Speedy!

Maddy sat straight up on her hindlegs when she read Speedy's blog. Oh this would not do! She thumped her hindleg in irritation, and then promptly fell over. Beds were quite nice for lounging, but outraged protests.. not so much.

She shut down her netbook and shoved it under the mattress before hopping off the bed and dashed into her humom's closet. "Its here somewhere.." she muttered as she tossed things about. Not like a human could smell who was responsible, she'd just assume everything fell off or there was an earthquake or something.

"AH HA!" Maddy said happily, grabbing the nurse's hat in her teeth and tossing it so it landed on her head. She wiggled her ears a bit to get it situated. A bit of nibbling of a skirt and she had her black cape. She kicked the closet door closed and she was off to England!

..Hopefully all the clothes went back again..

* * *

Maddy snuck into Speedy's warren. "Ohh, you do look mauled," she sympathized.

Speedy looked up from where he'd been lying, head on front paws. He wasn't quite sure he was up to a visit from Miss Maddy.

"My humom's a nurse, I know just what you need!" She said, hopping up and sitting down next to him.

Speedy knew he shouldn't be suspicious, that the cute little lionhead meant well, but his leg hurt even after the medications his Mum had given him, and he was feeling quite tired and kurfluzzled.

Maddy pulled a plastic package out of her bunny purse. It made Speedy blink a bit in confusion. "Frozen peas and carrots!" she announced.

"I, er, am not much of a fan of peas.." he said. He didn't want to sound ungrateful and impolite, but..

"That's okay, you pick the carrots out while we put the cold pack on your leg to keep swelling down." She put it against the wounded limb.

Speedy looked down and nibbled the package open before stealing a bit of frozen carrot. This'd be a pretty nice treat on the hot days, but not so much in the midst of rain and misery. And it did make his leg feel a bit better. Maybe Maddy did know what she was hopping about.

She gave him a lick on the nose. "Now you just rest."

"Mmhmm." Speedy agreed, with the cold stealing the ache out of his leg, a nap did seem like a really nice idea.

Maddy watched her friend fall asleep before turning tail (with extra cape twirl!) and hopping back to the closet.

* * *

Maddy rushed into her other friends' warren in a blur of fluff and fur. "Hannah!" She declared, "We're going cat hunting!"

"We are?" Hannah asked, bemused. She sat up to look down at the younger rabbit. Well, she wasn't quite sure if Maddy was younger or not, but she was certainly more energetic and enthusiastic.

"Speedy got attacked by a cat!" Maddy explained with a thump.

"He what?!" Hannah's eyes narrowed as she focused on this news. "That cat is TOAST." The normally mellow brown bun growled. She nosed the sleeping Harrington. "We're going cat hunting, keep Momma busy."

"Mrrrhurrr.." Harrington murmered.

"Its raining in England, you might want a coat." Maddy said.

"That cat's going to want a hospital!" Hannah declared, hopping quickly towards the closet, Maddy scrambling to keep up with Hannah's much longer legs.

Harrington yawned and turned over as the closet door slammed closed. "Hurh? Wait.. what?" he asked the empty room, blinking twice. Women! Never explained anything..!

* * *

"Where is that rabbit hunter?" Hanna growled as she grabbed the tom by the scruff of his neck.

"Lady! I don't know! No one I know is stupid enough to go rabbit chasing in this neighbourhood, right?" He may have been twice Hannah's size, but he'd been quick to try and make a break for it when he'd realized just how mad the rabbit was.

Maddy gave his side a solid nip. "Well, any strange cats been around here lately?" she growled and then thumped.

The cat kept the opinion that she looked like an electrostatic pompom to himself. "Uh.. well, there's George. He's tretty strange. Says he likes Coronation Street." He looked at her, "What self-respecting tom watches the soaps, I tell you?"

Hannah gave him another shake, thumping his head against the brick wall. Apparently he wasn't taking her seriously enough. She added a growl.

Maddy translated around Hannah's mouthful of cat. "And where would we find this George and what does he look like?"

"Well, he stinks of rotten fish. I try not to get too close. But other than that, he's cow marked, y'know, black and white, right? Dunno where you'd find him, probably in a dust bin 'round the back of the market, looking for left overs. He doesn't have much brain power or manners that guy."

Hannah dropped him. "Thank you kindly." She said with her best southern belle while Maddy snickered into her paws. The two does hopped off in the direction the tom had indicated.

"Those dames be crazy." The cat muttered, giving his fur a good shake. "But anyone who chases rabbit 'round here be crazier!"

* * *

"That was quite clever." Maddy said as she helped Hannah groom the ick off.

"Thank you," Hannah said primly.

"Giving him a good chomp on the leg like that.. CHOMP! Raaaaoooorwwww.. goes the cat! Awesome!" Maddy enthused some more.

"It seemed only fair." Hannah replied.

"I don't think he'll be stupid enough to chase any more rabbits." Maddy said with great glee.

Hannah snorted. "I don't think he'll be chasing much of anything for a few weeks. Better hope he's treated his fellow cats and humans better than he's treated the rabbits or he'll be eating a lot of half rotten fish!"

"Serves him right!" Maddy said with venom, "Imagine! Hurting Speedy!"

"Hmph." Hannah noised. "Well, hopefully he's learnt his lesson, I won't be so nice the next time!" She stopped infront of the closet they'd borrowed. "Thank you for coming and getting me."

Maddy scuffed the rug, "Well, I did think of getting Mick.. but y'know boys.. they don't do anything right."

"Probably would have needed a nap first anyway." Hannah said dryly. She leaned down and gave the fuzzy rabbit a lick upside the mane. "Nice hat, by the way. Bit big though, don't you think?"

"I tried to size it down.. but the paper doesn't nom well.." Maddy said defensively.

"Yes, dear." Hannah hopped into the closet before Maddy could take offense.

Maddy glared at the closed door. Big rabbits were all such snots! She didn't even know why she put up with them!

But at least they'd gotten their vegence for Speedy! Now she better get back if she wanted the entertainment of her humom finding the closet how it'd been left..


  1. Lorna I cannot even begin to explain how funny this is! Before I read this story I was looking for Maddy all over..needless to say, I found her in my closet with clothes galore everywhere. How fitting! Haha she really must have paid a visit to speedy ;) I always love reading your stories esp beause you capture maddy so well. Hehe she's been known to chase cats and kung fu kick dogs in the head hahaha. My girl is a special one..thanks for making my day. Get well soon speedy!

    1. She had to share the fun this time.. After all, she may have broken a claw.. :)

  2. wow this was a quick reaction!

    1. It burst into my brain and I knew I had to get it down ASAP!

  3. Mr. Mick says he would have given that cat a thorough thumping had he been asked--as you know, he is not terribly fond of cats (or gerbils, or dogs, or pretty much anything that isn't a rabbit...).

    1. Freddie Gerbil says the monthly bribe is on its way soon.

      And I'm sure Mickey woulda kicked cat butt up to Edinburgh and back .. but y'know how GIRLS are.. ;)

    2. Mick says he appreciates Freddie's timeliness of payment.
      He also says he knows how girls are--then shook a cloud of fur into the air, snorted, sneezed and laid down on his throne grumbling something about "foo' does..."

  4. Thank you so much Lorna,this made me shed a tear and made me laugh,but Speedy is home and is awake and now eating.I will do and update tomorrow with photos so everybody can see,but Speedy is doing a bit better so I'm sure he will back to his fun loving self soon,xo Speedy's Mum