Tuesday, July 3, 2012

[Bunny Fictions] Carrots mean Home!

Sir Walter Harrington, Cuteticus Bunnicus Extremus, woke when his side started getting cold. Normally, his bunwife would be using him for a pillow, but for some reason she'd wandered off from him side. Helicopter ears twitched as he tried to identify her by sound. The sounds of the 'office' were the usual, the rummaging around in the thread drawers, the muttering, the .. oh, the muttering was in bunny, not human. Rolling to his feet, Harrington meandered over to see what his wife was up to.

Lady Hannah Goldenhare, Beauticus Ladicus, was half in, half out of a large storage container of threads. She had some beside her already and the computer was whirring away to itself from where she'd apparently been using it. She was muttering to herself about 'That doesn't go with orange.'

"Nothing rhymes with orange." Harrington offered unhelpfully as he hopped up.

Hannah dropped out of the box to give him a vaguely offended look. "I don't much care what RHYMES with orange, Harrington," she sighed and nosed at some of the spools. "Look," she pointed up at the screen of a pattern.

Harrington obediently looked up to see the pattern than showed a weave of mint and cilantro in the border, with crossed carrots on the left with 'Home / Sweet / Home' written to their right. "Oh, that's very pretty." He said. It practically looked good enough to eat!

"Oh, thank you." She said, sounding pleased for a moment and paused to groom her cheeks before going back to the problem at paw, "Well, the problem is, the border is green, the carrots are orange and green, what colour should the words be? Brown goes, but brown is quite boring!"

Harrington stomped a forepaw, quite indignant. "I happen to think brown is beautiful!"

She blinked at him then whiskers twitched as she realized he meant her and her fur. She turned to give him a lick across the nose. "You are the sweetest, but I don't think we can get agouti thread on the material.."

Harrington sighed and laid down, this was obviously going to take a while. He'd learned that females in the throws of creation could potter around for hours.

"I suppose I could go with a light, then dark, then light combination of brown.." Hannah muttered to herself, going back to nosing around colours in the box, "But I still think that's rather .. dreary."

Harrington drifted for a while, wondering if he wanted to get up for a snack, or to find a sunbeam, or just find something to scritch himself against, when he thought outloud, "Why not wine?"

"Wine what, dear?" Hannah asked, voice muffled by the box. Her voice sounded odd enough that Harrington thought it was almost in a frequency adult humans could hear.

"Wine colour." He said, yawning. "Momma likes wine, doesn't she?"

"It IS a pretty colour." Hannah said brightly, grabbing a colour in her teeth and scrambling out of the box. She dropped the thread she wanted on the floor and grabbed the rejects to toss them back in. Momma would sort them all out when she came in, momma was always doing that sort of thing. She nudged the box back and fought the lid back on - one had to be neat and tidy, after all! "You're a genius, Harrington!" she declared as she lined up the colours with approval.

"I know." He said humbly, getting to his feet. "Can we go have second breakfast now?"

"Oh! That would explain why my stomach is all huggy on my backbone! I think its almost time for human breakfast!" She tossed the thread up on the chair before giving a mighty leap up onto it, unable to resist a 'wheeee!' as it spun. She let it revolve a couple of times before grabbing the desk with her teeth to stop it and tossed the threads up beside the mouse. "THERE!" she declared before hopping off, "Now momma can't complain we don't do anything around here but look good!"

Harrington watched his wife hop back off the chair, thinking the spinning did look fun, but momma always got so excited when he tried. Girls got to have ALL the fun. It wasn't fair.

Hannah stopped her hopping to turn over her shoulder to look at Harrington who seemed lost in a daze. "Aren't you coming?" She asked. Sheesh, boys. Couldn't let them alone for a minute!


  1. Heehee its ok Harrington I'm no good with that kind of thing either.lol Speedy

  2. Heehee, sounds like they've earned their keep for today. :)