Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Uber cute x3!

My brain leaked out my ear this evening when my friend Wonda said she'd rather spend time with her husband and kids than me. I KNOW! The nerve, eh?? So I sat and stared at Sage and said "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

She gave me the ear, which I took to mean "You're a human, I have doubts you know how to think."

I told her she's a smart ass and decided to take her down to the Blue Heron Reserve in Chilliwack. Some weeks ago Wonda, her kidlet, and her guide group did a bike through the reserve and I had to say it was gorgeous. More so there were lots of little cottontails bouncing around. I thought maybe Sage would like to visit with her cousins. I've had stupider ideas.

So we packed up and off we went. Sage seemed a little grumpy that the top in my new car doesn't go down so the wind doesn't blow her ears around the same, so I cranked the air vents and told her to deal. She ignored me. She does that a lot; I think it's how she preserves bunny sanity. Soon enough we pulled into the reserve and I unpacked Sage, checked she hadn’t chomped her harness and off we went. We sat down at some benches and I was kind of surprised that there weren’t any other humans about.

Soon enough little twitchy noses with very big ears attached came to investigate. Okay, so maybe I brought some carrot tops (the green leafy things) to bribe the wildlife with. Sage did what she always does upon meeting another bunny, she stuck her head down and presented for grooming. “I am princess, worship me!” There were four cottontails who had come to visit, three turned their backs; one of them thumping. Sage looked kind of upset, but I couldn’t tell if it was rejected upset or pissed off bunny upset. The fourth little brown bunny came up and gave her a lick on the eye. Not standard grooming practice, but Sage seemed willing to suffer with it. So, the cottontail groomed her a bit, she groomed the cottontail back and then the other three decided to come up and groom her. The four of them made enough of a rabbit to get most of Sage. One of them tugged on her harness and she grunted. It grunted back. Then suddenly all four and Sage thumped and ran. Sage and one of the cottontails (possibly the first groomer – they all looked the same to me!) ran under the bench and the other three dived into the tall grass. I looked up to see an eagle making its rounds. It made it’s screechy call and I, the insane animal talker I am, yelled “Go get your own bunnies!” and tossed a rock up at it.

Don’t worry, I’m no pitcher. The safest place to be in this universe is where I’m aiming. The eagle decided I was obviously bug nut crazy and was worried it might be contagious and winged off. I looked under the bench to see the cottontail had practically climbed under Sage. I moved my legs to fish her off and the cottontail was gone into the grass and bushes like a shot. Sage didn’t seem much interested in coming out and I couldn’t say I blamed her! So I packed her up and we came back home.

She seems bouncy tailed for having got to play with other bunnies, but I’m not sure a bird wilderness site is the best place to take her! At least there were no raccoons for her to pick fights with..

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  1. That sounds like fun ... I bet Audrey will have a blast!