Friday, June 5, 2009

Hot cross buns.

Rabbits don't process heat well. They can't sweat like humans or pant like dogs. Some heat does disapate through their ears, but for the most part the bunny defense to heat is either burying oneself in the earth or finding a human with air conditioning. Unfortunately, neither of my rabbits were able to do either.

Well, not quite true.. I did have air conditioning for one summer, but it was abysmal at trying to keep up and fans have proven much more effective in the long run. But I have a plethora of ways to piss off my rabbits, er, I mean, keep them cool.

The favourite of their's is the bunny AC unit. It's basically a styrofoam cooler with a hole cut out at the top for a computer fan hooked to an ac adapter on the top and a hole at the front for the air to go out. Stick frozen 2L bottles of water inside and ta-da, cold air at floor level for bunnies. My rabbits took turns sleeping on either side of it and trying to chew holes in the container. Too bad the mean human always wrapped them in NIC grid so little teeth couldn't get purchase. I'm such a meanie that way.

Their least favourite is me spritzing their ears with cool water. It does cool them off, but neither much liked soggy ears. Other methods that they ignored was cold marble tiles, ice cubes in their water bowl, a frozen bottle wrapped in a towel to lean against and more powerful fans pointed in their direction.

Sage's only interest in a fan is if she can stand/sit between it and where I'm sleeping and shed fur all over me and drive my allergies insane. A bunny's gotta entertain herself y'know.

So far this year, even with the tempreture topping 34C at one point, Sage hasn't been flattened and trying to sink through the floor. She's sat on the metal guard for the fireplace a few times but that may just be to keep an eye on me.

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