Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bunny Dreams

I had a dream about Scout last night. I don't think it had any greater meaning or my subconscious was trying to beat me with a message, it was a fairly simple dream as far as dreams go. I was in bed, she hopped up onto the bed and bonked my face in the bunny 'hi there!' nose bonk, hopped off and went into the front room to eat hay.

Of course, how I knew she was eating hay in the front room when I was sleeping in the bed room is part of dream magic, but it amuses me. Scout was allergic to hay, it made her sneeze. This, of course, meant she was forever sticking her head right into the fresh pile of hay and sneezing her fool head off and always managing to look surprised each and every time she sneezed. Apparently she kept expecting me to find the magic hay that wouldn't make her sneeze. I tried the glomped up hay blocks in both timothy and alfalfa forms but both bunnies ignored them. I probably could have slathered them in honey and both bunnies would have continued to ignore them. 'Can't possibly be hay, Scout isn't sneezing!' Of course, she never stuck her nose against one either.

But still, I woke up with a smile on my face having dreamed about my hoppy little bun.

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