Monday, June 8, 2009

Ocean Spray is a bun's best friend.

A while back Ocean Spray had an offer for free craisins. You gave them your email address and snail mail address and they'd send you a 100 calorie pack of craisins strings free. Well, the pack arrived and for the first time since Scout's passing Sage willingly came within arms reach of me when I wasn't horizontal.

She perked an ear at the 'I got food' chirps and hopped over to investigate. She very generously leaned over and took the craisin out of my hand upon which she turned on her heel and dived under the bed before the human could possibly change her mind. All I could see of her was whiskers moving rapidly as she chewed.

It's actually kind of strange to see Sage with whiskers, Scout always chewed them off for her. (Scout was just so helpful that way.) But they're growing in long and sleek. She still doesn't have as many as Scout did, but give her time and I'm sure she'll overcome.

Not only did she later accept another craisin from me, but thumped at me when I dared to have a couple. How dare I? She was then bought off with a lilac blossom donated by the Warren warren. My bedroom smelled like white lilac for HOURS. Sage, not so much.

She got another craisin this morning and is probably wondering how long this largess will last. Probably a while, it's a fairly healthy couple handfuls of craisins in the package. Thank you Ocean Spray!

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