Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bunny Abuse.

Bad enough when I came home on Monday I smacked the sleeping bunny with the front door but I stunk of cat. We won't discuss how long it took the poor overworked bunny to rescent me to her satisifaction.

Normally when I come up the steps she hears me and moves before the door opens, for whatever reason, not this time. Whump into her goes the door and skitter, scramble goes the claws across the vinyl floor as she hops to the bedroom to give me death looks. Even a craisin didn't prove apology enough, I had to throw in some walnut bits.

She came out and sniffed me. She gave me the offended rabbit look. [Gregg : That's the ears flattened, head stuck flat, looking like your grandmother when you farted in front of her..] Sage then spent several minutes rescenting me to rabbit property. Brian's cats and the NERVE to scent me and rub all over me when I was petting and playing with them. She had to let those silly cats know just who the human belonged to. Once she was done she went back to her usual routine of completely ignoring my existance.

Tuesday after I came home from taking adopted-Nephew Fraser to lacrosse and mooching tea from his frazzled mother I got a look from a certain Dutch rabbit who was flopped in the bedroom. This look said 'Oh, you again.' before she went back to napping. There's nothing in the world like bunny love.. :P

Wednesday was a run around day. Drive to Abbotsford, back to Chilliwack, then to Cultus, then to Chilliwack to get what I forgot then.. Sage suffered through all of this by sleeping in the sunbeam in front of the fan in the living room. I'm not sure if she was chasing the sunbeam or the fan or it was just a nice comfy coincedence. It wasn't very hot here (24C/75F) but Sage didn't get bouncy until after the sun went down. Perhaps it was just that the human was silly enough to think she could take a nap and she had to be taught the error of her ways.

Thursday was another run around day. More doctors appointments, more driving. Sage spent most of the day sorting the latest batch of hay into 'Mine, Good Enough for Scout, Good Enough for peeing on and She Gave me THIS?' This sorting system worked better when there was still a Scout around to give it to. Though, to be honest, I'm not sure the 'good enough for Scout' is higher in quality than 'good enough to pee on.' Mostly it means I sweep up a lot of hay and leave it out for the birds.

Today was another start the day running. Had to pick up a cheque, had to go to the bank, had to go to Canadian Tire, had to go to the grocery store, had to go to the parents (okay, didn't HAVE to, but I chose to!), then off to the dentist's, then off to New Westminster for dinner with Brian. (And who, I might add, chose to watch Game Seven of the Stanley Cup finals instead of feeding me! The selfish bastard!)

I got home and turned on streaming for hockey and Sage perked up. She's a good Canadian rabbit, she appreciates hockey. Or maybe she just appreciates what I eat during hockey since it's generally good for a treat or six. I have a silly superstition in that I can't watch the team I want to win play. It doesn't matter if it's live or on TV, but I can *listen* all I like. So I listened to the game, talked to Sage and she ignored me. It's a very healthy relationship.

After a nap I was wide awake in the wee hours, hamster powered brain churning and unable to sleep. Lying on the couch muttering to myself Sage hopped up and stuck her head under my arm and let me snuggle with her for almost ten minutes. Apparently damaged mental health is also now a condition for bunny snuggles. Think I'd prefer the broken toe snuggles tho, easier to limp through! ;)

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