Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sage the follower.

Sage has taken to following me from room to room. If I'm in the living room, she sits by the fire place and either grooms, naps or chews on her collection of boxes. If I'm in my bedroom she'll nap by the door, under the bed, or under the bedside table. What's cute is if she's by the door she sits in the classic bunny guard position. I'm not sure what she's guarding me from.

Sage has never been a snuggly rabbit. She has been concerned for me when I knocked myself into next week tripping over one of their toys, and then again when I stepped on a wooden block and sent myself into the TV stand. She's been sympathetic when I'm ill. But for the most part, she thinks I'm the provider of sub-par hay and that's about all I'm good for.

Maybe it's the craisins, maybe it's boredom, maybe it's loneliness, but she's been following me around. I did consider getting a second rabbit to keep her company, but bonding is just so stressful and my house is still on the market. She'd probably prefer a cat anyway, but I'm still refusing to clean two seperate litterbox types. So, I tell her 'maybe after we move' and she just gives me the ear. Of course, I pretty much tell her anything and she either flicks an ear in my direction, completely ignores me or periscopes quickly to see if I've forgotten the "I have a treat" noise and have a treat in my hand.

So, I sit here typing this on the couch, she sits on the fireplace yawning, and I wonder why she doesn't just go off to bed without me. Could it be the bunny with a heart of granite can't sleep without my musical snores? Naw..

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