Monday, June 22, 2009

Iron Man - The Bunny Review.

Sage gives "Iron Man" two thumps, a glare and a retreat to the bedroom. She really didn't like all the gun fire. Maybe I should watch "Pollyanna" or something next, she didn't reappear until the radio was back on and Iron Man was closed.

Personally, I liked it. It was quirky, it was larger than life and had a very strong James Bond vs. Moneypenny feel. It was an enjoyable romp, some great lines with word plays, but not a masterpiece of fiction. Which is good in my world, masterpieces are often boring as all heck.

Glad I didn't pay $14.50 for it, plus all the other fun things? Yeah, I can say so. Worth the price of a DVD rental, but even this super hero flick addict wouldn't justify the price of a theatre view. But then, I've seen Star Trek (2009) three times now, take my opinion for what it's worth. :)

..The bunny requests I either go to bed or watch some Johnny Depp.

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