Sunday, December 30, 2012

[Gerbil PoV] Freddie Squeaks.. er, Speaks.

I'm moving in wif Speedy!!!!111!!oneonone!
Oh, sure, she left the yucky "all in one" pellets she leaves hidden about for me to dig for and find and gnaw on .. but those don't count! They're bland and boring and tough and don't taste sunflowery AT ALL.
I could have STARVED.
First its pick me up, put me in the carry cage. Then its pick me up and put me back in my house. Then its all, pick me up AGAIN to put me in my carry cage ..a nd guess what? Repeats it AGAIN. THEN.. THEN!! she gives me subpar litter that doesn't fluff up AT ALL for building holes and hidies in!
To top it all off.. She left my bowl OF FOOD sitting on the ground under the table my house sits on!!
I bet SPEEDY would never, ever, EVER forget to let me gnaw from his bowl!
Humans. HMPH.
-Freddie Da Gerbil. The Starving.
(I would move in with Mick, but uh.. after the whole finking to Aunty Jade thing this morning, I'd probably best avoids him for a while.. Ooo.. Wait, Maddy has all that lovely fur to nest in.. Maybe I'll go visit her..)


  1. Yeah, I would definitely avoid Mick, Freddie; he's been grumbling and mumbling all day, and there's been a lot of "foo' gerbil"s in amongst the unprintable stuff.

  2. Freddie!!You know you are welcome to den down with me,but don't you think you mum would miss you?xx Speedy

  3. Come on over Freddie! Actually my mom PLUCKED...yes, violently and barbarically pulled my fur and brushed me till I was practically bald!!! The nerve of her to mess with my fur like that!! Anyways, she collected this giant fur ball that would make a perfect nest for you..only thing we have to do is dig it out of the garbage. Ahh! Humans!! -Maddy