Wednesday, January 2, 2013

[Thank you!] Christmas Cards

Okay -- this is only about a week late.. (Cough)

Thank you berry berry much to Michelle who sent me an uber cool card! It's in the form of a felt piece .. that I"m thinking one would use similar as part of a quilt? I'm such a quilting newb..!

Thank you to my good friend Sua, who is also the bestest mortgage broker around! He always sends me such awesome cards!

And my Uncle Ed sent me a great card too! Thank you Uncle Ed!

Is it just me or do bunny people send the coolest cards??


  1. next year you can have one from me xx Speedy

  2. Apparently the USPS has gone with using real snails for their snail mail, because Mick and I sent you a gift/card back on the 18th and it sounds like you haven't gotten it yet. :(