Saturday, January 19, 2013

[Freddie PoV] If Gerbils could type.

It's here! It's here!

Fank you, Auntie Jade & Cousin Mickey! I love the card and the calender even though my mean ole humom won't let me nom on them. She did say I could have the envelope tho. 

The humom has been injured lately and having more "fun" with her doctor. So she hasn't felt like writing much.. and unfortunately, I'm a bit small to be getting much typing done. I keep MEANING to ask Speedy to write stuff for me, but we keep getting distracted timing how fast Speedy can go from one place to another. 

Speaking of Speedy an' my Auntie Rachel! Thank you Speedy for the shed fur, I've tucked it in my nest with all those wonderful awards. (Which Mum'll get to sooner or later, I'm sure..)  Very nice and warm since Mum can never decide what tempreture she wants it in here!

SHE is going off to Omaha on Friday to visit Cabana Boy so I'm staying with my Uncle David. (HER brother.) She'll be gone for ten days. I said she better bring me back some sunflower seeds or I'll pee on her hand. 

SHE says I'm getting a bit chubby and I won't get bits of popcorn for a while. I think she should mind her own knitting! Not like she's a starving waif, y'know! Hmph.

Anyways -- Time to go help Maddy with the grooming. I'm hoping she'll let me keep the extra fur for future nests. Not like she doesn't have lots and lots of it!

..Don't worry Mr Grump, I know better than to ask. :P

~Freddie Gerbil.

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  1. YAY! So glad you finally got them!

    Freddie, tell your mom that we hope she has an awesome trip.

    In the meantime, I will see if somebunny will let you have some of his spare fluff. At the rate he's been shedding, you could have an entire fur condo!