Saturday, February 9, 2013

Silly Bunny Dreams.

I was lying in bed, half-asleep, when a nose nudged me and wiggled under my arm. A eyelid slowly lifting revealed a buff coloured bunny, nose wriggling away. "Mrrr" I managed. I then brought hand to soft fur to stroke his nose and head, giving little rubs between loppy ears. "Does your Momma know you're here?" I asked.

A snort from the bunny.

I tapped him on the bridge of his nose. "Hey now, your Momma has you and two boys to look after. It's a full time job."

It's been debated for years if rabbits can actually roll their eyes. If Mr Mick didn't actually roll his eyes, he gave it a very good impression.

"The Boy Younger may be at college, but he's still her boy. And you know how human boys are." Actually, I thought bunny boys as impossible, but it didn't seem very diplomatic to say so.

Mr Mick shook his head and allowed me to pet him some more, even being generous enough to throw in some tooth purrs.

"Were you here to visit Freddie? He's been getting a little pudgy lately; he could probably use the exercise of trying to keep up with you and Speedy."

Mr Mick yawned to show off bunny teeth and then snorted.

"Yes, I know, foo' gerbil. Which doesn't mean you don't have a soft spot in your heart for him."

That earned me one lagomorphic dirty look.

I chuckled and continued to stroke the soft fur, a yawn escaping from me. "Sorry, these new meds are knocking me on my ass. They should say "May cause narcolepsy."

A bit of a headshake, either the comment wasn't worth full rabbit appreciation of humour or he didn't want to dislodge my petting; perhaps both.

"And I didn't get much sleep while I was visiting the Cabana Boy." I added.

A disgusted snort; apparently Mick didn't want to hear about human love lives.

It was my turn to roll my eyes, "Not because of THAT, you dirty minded rabbit. The mattress wasn't soft enough for my delicate self."

Mick flexed his paws, shifting weight around, as if evaluating my mattress. The pillow top made it as soft as a down comforter, the layer underneath was firm enough to hold you without putting pressure on you, and there was plenty of support beneath that. In my opinion, it was the perfect bed, even if some did find the top layer too fluffy. Mick shrugged and yawned again, this time giving a good stretch.

"You know you're more than welcome to nap with me, but you better be home in time for breakfast."

That got me a disgusted look.

"Right, sorry.. as if you'd miss breakfast."

A final snort and inner lids lowered as Mick decided this was an acceptable place to sleep. I continued to pet his nose and ears until I followed him into the land of Nod.


  1. Mr. Mick is the perfect sleep aid--warm and snuggly, although the side effects are a smile on your face and fur shed all over you. ;)

    1. LOL .. Poor Mr Mick, snuggled and petted and completely abused. :)

      His fur can just co-mingle with the layers of cat fur I'm still finding on my clothes. :D