Wednesday, April 25, 2012

State of the Cat update.

We have been to the vet and we have survived. (Most importantly, the vet survived.)

It used to take me 15 to 20 minutes to carrol Scout or Sage .. Amy? About twenty seconds. Sorry, Mr Mick, I have found one item of cat superiority!

Anyways, it turns out Miss Amy has no blood vessels on the back of the retina. Apparently an uncommon, but not unheard of, condition in cats. The vet said she could refer me to an animal opthomology specialist if I wanted to know the fine details of her vision, but I said no, I have a good enough idea. She can see the movement of anything over an inch in radius, she can focus well enough if she sits still and waits for her irises to constrict or dilate.

She was fairly well behaved at the vet, all things considered. To get her eyes peered into she got bunny-it-ooed.. er, catitooed? .. wrapped in a towel,. the lights turned out and bright things shone in her eyes. She was NOT a happy cat! As soon as she was released from the towel she lept off the counter to my shoulder. This is a process I used to get, in the very same exam room!, from Scout Bunny. However, Scout Bunny was a 2.2 POUND rabbit, Miss Amy cat is a 6.7 KILOGRAM cat. (12 pounds, 57 oz for my American friends.) My shoulder wasn't so happy. My spine was less happy at the sudden telescoping. She however just made pathetic mewling noises, so I snuggled and pet her until all was forgiven (a process that took less than two minutes, she's a frighteningly good natured cat) and then she got something cold stuck in an uncomfortable place for a tempreture check. If looks could kill... :D

She got a vaccine, dewormed, a bit of grooming and then taken into the back for her claw trimming. (Since they have six sets of hands, professional grade equipment and masochistic tendancies.) Holy crap, can my cat YOWL! The receptionist's comment was "Yup, she's a calico."  You'd think they were pulling her claws out, not just carefully trimming them. She got delivered back to me and cuddled for a bit before I passed her back to the tech so I could pay -- and the tech got a lick on the chin. ("She is the most forgiving cat - ever!")

Other wise, she's a healthy, if a little overweight (6.7 kgs instead of 5.5 kgs), probably closer to two years old than one, kitty cat.

Once back home, she used the litterbox, and is now stretched out in front of the patio window shooting me dirty looks every once in a while. If she were a rabbit, there would be some definite thumping going on around here!


  1. Mr. Mick says that the fact that she didn't have to be bribed or coerced into the carrier is further proof of cat inferiority. "If the foo' cat had any sense, she'd have held out for treats, especially for a vet visit."

    The idea of a kitty burrito did amuse him, though.

  2. Priceless, yup you'll have fun with a chatty kitty. That explains why she's been meowing so much, she's been getting her surroundings set in her mind. Hope she settles down soon so that she won't be doing that as much :-). Enjoy her company.

  3. she just likes to talk thats all and she's probably saying things like"its very strange here but I like it and you're very nice ,I think I love you even when you take me to the vets and I'm sure you love me too,If only you could talk cat to me we could have some much fun and I qute like your overy furry friends too!"